Our Review Process

Our 7 Steps Review Process

  1. Team Meeting
  2. We trust the best e-marketplace – amazon!
  3. We Search And Share The Best Products With The Highest Ratings
  4. We Order Products From Amazon
  5. We Thoroughly Test Out The Products
  6. We Write Our Honest Opinions
  7. We Don’t Share Assumptions, We Share Our Tried And Tested Reviews

Team Meeting

We are like a tightly knitted family, so teamwork is our priority! We make sure that all the team members are treated equally and every team member gets an equal chance to showcase their ideas. This is the main reason why we hold regular team meetings.

We share ideas, we give suggestions, we discuss ideas, we brainstorm – our regular meetings are highly important for us because that is where we start the engine of production of top-quality content for you that you will not only enjoy, but we also be highly useful for you.

The best thing is that we do not talk about work in our team meetings, but we acknowledge each other’s achievements, encourage each other and help each other improve, and most importantly – we eat and laugh together. Our meetings are a celebration of ideas, achievements and our growth as a team.

We Trust The Best E-Marketplace – Amazon!

Like you, we are also skeptical about trusting dodgy stores and e-markets, so we always choose trustable products from the best e-marketplace “Amazon”.

From the best product range to amazing prices, from great deals to the best delivery service – amazon offers all of this and a whole lot more! So, there are no second doubts about choosing amazon!

We Search And Share The Best Products With The Highest Ratings

We do all the searching so that you don’t have to spend your precious time on searching for the best products, sold by the best sellers, at the best price.

Yes! Our team firstly spends a good amount of time digging deeply and thoroughly for the best finds. We make sure that all the products that we review are actually the best and they have received the highest ratings. Investing enough time and effort towards finding the best products is our priority, and we never compromise on this!

We Order Products From Amazon

After digging deeply and finding out the best products, we list down all the best products that are available on amazon, and after reading about it and comprehensively searching about the selected products, we narrow down the lists to the top few products that are a must-have.

We then start the procedure of placing the orders of our selected products. Our team makes sure that every product that we plan to write about is ordered from amazon.

We highly believe in investing our money and time in actually ordering the products from amazon, to gauge a better idea about not only the product itself but also its delivery and customer dealing service.

We Thoroughly Test Out The Products

We love getting our hands on new products! After ordering the selected top products from amazon, we impatiently wait for the products arrive on our doorstep.

The moment that we receive the products, we immediately start testing out the products without wasting even a single second. Receiving new products is indeed very exciting for everyone; but for us, it’s twice the excitement! Why? Because we do not only get to try the products, but we also have the opportunity to share our reviews with you.

Our team makes sure that every single product is thoroughly tested! We test out all of the claims of the product and give every product enough chances to live up to its expectations.

We Write Our Honest Opinions

Our team is hard to please! Yes! When we order top-rated products, we have high expectations! And we never settle for anything but the very best.

We make sure that if a product claims something, it proves itself! We don’t appreciate products that do not live up to its claims, because we always want to share nothing but the very best with our audience.

We invest enough time to make sure that we have given enough chance to every single product that we write about. We drive our honest opinions and share it without blurring out any detail that you should be aware of.

We appreciate our team write their honest opinions. We don’t entertain products that make false claims because we don’t share false opinions.

We Don’t Share Assumptions, We Share Our Tried And Tested Reviews

For others, reviewing products might be a money-making opportunity! However, for us! It is a sincere recommendation from one friend to the other!

We wouldn’t want to be misled by reviews that are written by merely assuming the pros and cons of products, so similarly we do not want to mislead you by sharing our biased assumptions with you. We understand that your review would have an impact on your purchase decision, so we take our job very seriously and assure that our reviews are based purely on our honest opinion and now on what we have assumed by reading other reviews.

So while reading our reviews, you can be sure of the fact that they are a 100% experience based and absolutely unbiased.

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