How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro In 2022



Professionally shaped hands surely catch a lot of attention, but frequent salon visits to sustain them is really not the affordable option for most of us.
Applying a nail polish by your own is might sound easy job but sometimes it can be a frustrating test of your makeup skills. And especially when you are using your non-dominant hand.
Not to worry, brush up on your home Mani with these nail polish application tips they will keep your nails seeing they’re attractive.

Step # 1: Use Chemical Free Nail Polish Remover

First of all clean your nails before applying new polish to your fingernails. Instead of using harmful chemicals or acetone solution use only chemical-free nail polish remover. Use the cotton pad for cleaning your nail because that won’t scratch the surface of the nail.

Best Nail Polish Chemical Free Removers


Step # 2: Use Acetate Press On Nails

If you have acrylic nails then you have to be conscious because acrylic nails can easily be damaged. If you have cracked or damaged nail then just implement quick press on to coat up the damage and stop nail polish from flowing under the damaged part of the nail, which can cause inflammation.

Step # 3: Don’t Forget To Use Base Coat

If you want to keep your nails healthy and want to save them to become the unhealthy yellow shade, then always apply the base coat before applying nail polish. So star applying base from white half-moon above the skin and apply in an upward action. Let the base dry for 4 to 5 minutes before venturing to apply color.

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Step # 4: Apply Two Coats of Nail Polish

For salon look and profession finish you have to apply two coats of your nail polish. Please don’t forget to allow each coat to dry before implementing the second one. This will accommodate you evade messing up your manicure.

Step # 5: Let Your Nails Dry

While resting around doing nothing can be boring, it’s also the only method to make sure you don’t streak your nail polish after applying it. Additionally, it sways be a good reason to get some necessary downtime!

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Final Thoughts

Women’s hope this guide will help in applying nail polish if you want any suggestion or you want to share your experience you can share in a comment section. Stay connected with The Fashion Updates.

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