Beauty Crazed Age: Why Millennials Seeks Out Cosmetic Procedures



Adults in their 20s and 30s in this era is called in general as Millennials. You may have heard of this term being used these days since they are the ones creating a transition in this fast-changing world trends —wherein one of them is the craze for an almost seemingly obsessive aspiration of beauty perfection.

One of Louisville plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Maguire has seen an influx of patients which age ranges from the 20s and 30s wherein they come into his office to discuss their concerns and aesthetic goals. Recent statistics have shown that millennials have already represented a significant number of plastic surgery patients, which Dr. Raj, a plastic surgeon at Cleveland, has attested.

When we talk about cosmetic procedures, women might be the first thing on our minds. However, did you know that there’s a study found that says there is 58 percent of men between the ages of 25-34 that have said they would consider a cosmetic procedure? Moreover, a survey by the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery has found out that there is over 40 percent of surgeons reported that the most cited reason for getting cosmetic procedure was to look better in selfies on social media.

Want to know more as to why millennials keep on seeking out cosmetic procedures? Then read on as we discuss the reasons for this beauty craze seek out by Millennials.

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Boosting One’s Self-Confidence

Sure enough, building self-confidence is challenging to do so, especially if you are insecure with your body. Which is why the boosting of an individual’s self-esteem is one of the commonly cited reasons for having cosmetic procedures. The impact of social media may have heightened the reasons as to why Millennials seeks out plastic surgery, with the celebrity culture and social media influence, many individuals are motivated to address a part of their appearance with plastic surgery.

Liposuction, face, and lip injectables are hitting it off charts since both cosmetic procedures offer that instant beach bod and a perfect look to flaunt off on and off the screen. Also, Millennial women who are self-conscious about their small breast can opt for breast augmentation. In this case, one can say that cosmetic procedures give patients the opportunity to address their flaws, wherein, as a result, their self-confidence is built almost instantly.

Medical Reasons

If you think that plastic surgery is all about changing one’s appearance for cosmetic reasons, then you might want to consider again. Some millennials seek plastic surgery to address a medical condition, like Rhinoplasty which reshapes the nose to resolve condition like a deviated septum which restores normal breathing function. There are also instances that men opt for male breast reduction surgery due to a condition called gynecomastia or the enlargement of male breast tissue.

Similarly, body contouring procedure like body lift and tummy tuck surgery is being sought out by men and women that have suffered chafing from excess and loose skin as a result of massive weight loss. With this cosmetic procedure, the patients can move easier and more comfortably than before.

Instant Gratification

Many millennials lead hectic lives which makes them prefer to not take too much time off from their normal routine, and others simply want to have that transition as soon as possible, which is why some are conditioned to seek instant gratification.

Minimally invasive procedures like dermal fillers and Botox such as Restylane and Juvederm, patients can rejuvenate their facial appearance in a matter of minutes. Since these injectable treatments require minimal downtime, it especially appeals to millennials who are always on the go.

On the other hand, is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction, the CoolSculpting, which technically freezes fat off painlessly unlike the liposuction which literally sucks out the fat from your body. With this cosmetic procedure, millennials tend to choose this since it is convenient and shows the result with little time.


It has been long gone when cosmetic procedures were taken negatively as an issue in society. Nowadays, more people are open-minded towards what are the preferences of each that belongs to the community. Because of this, many are now opting for plastic surgery for different reasons, may it be for boosting one’s self-confidence or for medical purposes. Whichever your reasons are, you should always be prepared if you are thinking of doing this process.

When considering the procedure, you should consult first a trusted plastic surgeon or a reputable clinic so that you are sure that you are given the best treatment out there. Lastly, you should be educated to know what should you expect and what you should do before and after the procedure, like, you can visit sites like pharmaquotes to know more about Botox cosmetics.

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