Sadly Vitamin D and Omega 3 Are Ineffective For Cancer And Heart Diseases



From so many years people are taking vitamin D and omega 3 (fish oil) supplements to reduce the chance of cancer and heart diseases, Even doctors are recommending to do this. And this enthusiasm of doctors is due to suggestive research studies about vitamin D, and omega 3 (fish oil) supplements reduce the chances of cancer and heart diseases.

Although taking omega 3 and vitamin D is very healthy, but if you are taking these two to reduce heart diseases or cancer chances, then please remove this myth from your mind.

According to Clifford J. “It’s disappointing, but there have always been such high expectations that vitamin D can do all these different things,” He is a Rosen of the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough, who was a co-author of an editorial on the studies in The New England Journal of Medicine. He said doctors had engaged in “magical thinking about vitamin D,” Rather than checking patients blood levels and advising them to take supplements.

“Regarding preventing cancer, I think the door is closed. I don’t think there is anything there,”   This study also shows that omega-3 fatty acid supplements do not reduce major cardiovascular events or cancer. He said, “That’s what people should take home with them.”

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