List OF Best Purity Rings For Both Men And Women

Purity rings are a part of the Christian belief and are more commonly referred to as ‘promise rings.’ Both men and women can wear a purity ring, usually virgins. They are a physical reminder to those who wear them that they must abstain from sexual intercourse and save their virginity until they get married. Of course, it has different meanings and is a personal matter to each person; it can also be a reminder to abstain from anything non-religious, such as alcohol. Some non-virgins choose to wear purity rings as well, so they refrain from having a sexual relationship any further.

Purity rings are typically worn on the wedding finger on the left hand, to serve as a reminder to abstain from the desire to have sex, and to wait until you get married. Purity rings can easily be purchased, as there are several purity rings on Amazon, for both men and women. Here are some of the most in-demand purity rings:

Purity Rings For Women

1. True Love Will Wait Purity Rolling Ring

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This has two rings wound up around each other, for giving a more comfortable fit, and to give a more stylish look. One is black, and the other is silver. This chastity ring has the words – ‘True Love Will Wait’ engraved on it, to serve as a constant reminder to wait for your soulmate. It is a cheap purity ring as it doesn’t cost much, but it’s made on stainless steel, so it won’t corrode and can be worn for quite a long time.

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2. Plain Cross Purity Heart and Vine Band .925 Sterling Silver Ring

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This is a more simple purity ring and displays utmost elegance. It is a beautiful sterling silver ring, with a light black design on the front of the purity ring. It is available in a range of sizes, so there’s bound to be one that fits you!

3. True Love Waits Purity Ring

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This purity ring has a pretty etched wine in black, on the front, one each side of the quote which says – ‘True love waits.’ It is made on a stainless steel base, with a matte finish, giving the spotlight to the phrase and pattern. This purity ring is perfect for women of any age who are hoping to celebrate and remember their commitments to God.

4. Womens Lotus Peace Petals Ring

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This chastity ring is one of the classiest purity rings for women available. Its intricate and delicate crafting is stunning, making it a very dainty purity ring — a classic piece that’ll have everyone’s eyes glued to you. It has a beautiful gem on it and is available in two colors – golden and silver. Its gracefulness won’t let you take it off, even if you have to.

5. Plain Heart and Jesus Band .925 Sterling Silver Ring

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This has ‘Jesus’ carved in the front of the chastity ring, which made on solid sterling silver. It reminds you of why you’re wearing a purity ring and has religious value. It isn’t costly and can be purchased by anyone. It’s a great gift for anyone who is struggling to make peace with their religious side.

Purity Rings For Men

1. Men’s Stainless Steel Simple Plain Iron Cross Templar Knights Ring

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This purity ring for men is made on stainless steel, given a dim and dark shade, ensuring that it will never fade away and look the same in the years to come. It has a different design, with a cross in the center. It’s hypoallergenic, so the risk of getting a rash. This chastity ring is super cheap, and durable as well, making it a great buy!

2. Mens Fashion Retro Personality Sharp Claw Red Eye Titanium Steel Ring

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This is definitely a purity ring that is going to grab everyone’s attention. It has a huge red gem in the center, with a thick, silver ring around it. It’s made on stainless steel and is a great gift for a brother who’s looking for something that suits his cool aura, and also revives his religion. This is one the best kinds of purity rings for men, as it represents their funky side.

3. Step Edge Laser Engraved Crosses Christian Catholic Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

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A very simple and classy ring, having a few crosses around the purity ring. It has polished finish, giving it a brushed look. It’s a tone between silver and grey and is made on tungsten which is wear resistant and is going to last a lifetime. It’s very economical and comes with a 30 return policy.

4. Mens Personality Creative Cross Split Titanium Steel Ring

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This chastity ring is very unique, as it has a cross placed horizontally on the ring, in the front. It keeps your religious side intact and reminds you of why you’re wearing a purity ring. It is made of titanium and stainless steel, it’s anti-allergic, preventing any rashes. It crafted with two silver outlines and a black line in the center. Great for you to gift a friend.

5. Stainless Steel Sand Blast Finish Blue Wedding Band Engagement Ring Beveled Edges

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This purity ring is slightly different from the mainstream purity rings, as it is in the color blue. It has a very simple design, with a shiny center. It is made of titanium stainless steel and is scratch resistant. It’s one of the more fashionable pieces.

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Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking to make a promise to God and to yourself, then make sure to get a purity ring, that can be a physical reminder of you what you’ve promised to yourself, and how much you really want to fulfill that promise. God Bless.

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