Essential Skin Care Tips For Summers – A Warm Welcome To the Summer

Well, well, it seems like summer is about to knock on our doors soon.

That time of the year when suddenly the junk food streets which were once filled deeply fried gourmet will be soon seeing selling ice creams, refreshing cold drinks, and also some newly invented cold beverages which everyone will surely enjoy.

After all, it’s going to get hot soon. Oily skins will soon start showing its drama and become oily and dry skin, on the other hand, will become rough and patchy. No matter what season it is, every skin type suffers from something or the other.

But, do you know that bringing in a little change in our daily routine can make a major difference in how we feel about our skin. After all, only a healthy skin can make us look pretty and beautiful. One of the most common regimen to follow during the hot summer days is to drink a lot of water to keep our skin feel hydrated all the time.

However, we are going to tell you about a few summer skin care tips which are essential and will keep your skin glow like never before.

Summers is all about sweat, and no matter how beautiful we want to look like, we are bound to have those stubborn pimples, blackheads, clogged pores, and acne. Well, it’s not easy to avoid all these things, but it is certainly possible to make our skin ready to fight with these stubborn and unwelcome problems. You should regularly cleanse and refresh your skin and also tone it by using rose water. Rose water has a cooling effect, and it helps your skin to feel cool and refreshed whenever you use it. Check out our list of best deodorant which you can use for your underarm sweating.

Let’s talk about all these tips in details:

1. Get a lot of Vitamin C- Eat, drink, or use it on your face

Vitamin C is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy collagen. It helps your skin cells to stay firm, strong, and yes healthy too. You can use face packs and masks on your face which has vitamin C like, an amla rich face pack, or an orange face mask. They are easily available in the market and if you want, you can use Nykaa coupon code to buy a Vitamin C face mask right away.

2. Exfoliate- Your skin needs it

During summer and under the sunlight, it becomes easier for people to see all the blemishes on your skin which is caused by dead skin cells. Remove those dead cells more often. Exfoliate more. You can use some natural ingredients to make your own pack. Like use sugar, coffee, baking soda, and yogurt and use it on your face and gently rub it in a circular motion.

3. Natural remedies are the key to a healthy skin

In summers, your skin will need to breathe in and out more than usual. Just like your body will scream for water more often, your skin will also call for some air to breathe. That’s why skip those artificial chemicals and stick to natural remedies.

If you are too tired to make an aloe vera face lotion at home, buy it online from Patanjali and use Patanjali coupons to buy one at a competitive price. But, don’t bury your face in chemicals. The chemicals might not show its effect right away but will surely damage your skin in the long run.

4. Sunscreen is your best buddy for summers

Never forget to wear a good sunscreen lotion, not just on your face, but cover your entire body with good SPF 40 or SPF 50+ sunscreen lotion. Don’t expose your skin, it’s not only bad for sun tanning, but you can also catch some sun prone diseases too. Save yourself. Wear loose-fitting clothes and apply sunscreen lotion 20 minutes prior to stepping outside.

5. Take care of your eyes and lips too

Just be honest and think about it, how many times have you forgotten to carry your sunglasses and a lip balm with you on a hot sunny day and regretted about it? Quite often right. Well, please worry about your eyes and lips too. They need shields too. Wear a good sunglass which has 99-100% UVA coverage and wears an SPF induced lip balm.

6. Have some refreshing drinks

Water is the key to everything. Your skin will show you signs that it is receiving less quantity of water. Have a sip of refreshing lemon soda if you want to or carry a bottle of water whenever you step outside. Sip it whenever possible. Summers are a good time to have coconut water too. They are full of nutrients. Try them.

7. Stay clean, stay hygienic

Summers and sweat are buddies for life. No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid sweat during summers. Having said that, it becomes essential for you to take care of your overall hygiene. Its summer guys, take a shower, two times a day. It will freshen your mood, and you will feel refreshed all day long.

There you go, here are our 7 essential summer skin care tips for all of you.  If you want to share any tip to our visitor then you can mention in the comment section below. For more fashion and health-related tips stay connected with Thefashionupdates.

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