5 Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Water

Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Water – Water is very essential for your life, but everything is unhealthy more than its limits, There are many advantages of drinking water but drinking much water can be harmful to your body. Below are some disadvantages which can be caused due to overhydration.

1. Causes Hyponatremia

Hyponatremia is a decrease of sodium level below 136 mmol/liter in the, and this happens due to, or you can say over drinking of water. Sodium is a vital salt for the body that helps in cell signaling and various other functions. Due to the low sodium level, you start feeling nauseous, disoriented, fatigued or get a headache.

2. Causes The Cells To Swell Up

When the level of sodium salt decreases in the body by the principle of osmosis, water enters the cell through the semipermeable cell membrane. In result, swelling can be caused. And this swelling causes severe damage to the muscle tissues, organs, and brain.

3. Affects The Brain

Low sodium level in blood can cause the brain to swell up. And this, in turn, results in speech disability, disorientation, walking instability, psychosis, and even death.

4. Overburdens The Kidneys

Drinking too much water can put pressure on your kidneys to function frequently. According to doctors, human kidneys can filter about a liter of fluid per hour from the body. But due to overhydration, your kidneys can be failed.

5. Causes Liver Problems

Note this problem is not caused only by drinking too much water. It happens by drinking too much water with iron in it. So in rare case, it causes liver-related problems.

Drink water but not too much. Otherwise, you can face these side effects of drinking too much water stay healthy and keep supporting the fashion updates for more health and fitness related articles.

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