PCNOK: What is It, Its Mission, Members & Details

The role of primary care providers in different states of the USA is on the rise today. One of Oklahoma’s major primary care providers is PCNOK, known as the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. Around 19 CHCs in Oklahoma have joined hands to execute this project, established in 2014.

The PCNOK is a well-known universal network of clinical suppliers that aims to provide excellent treatment with the help of healthcare insurance providers and institutions. These people look after seventy-seven community health centers in Oklahoma. Physicians and Hospitals are the main focus of PCNOK, and the network has generated around $1.1 million in revenue.

PCNOK has around 25 employees, but despite this small number, their service is better than that of similar groups with the same purpose. Some of the crucial aspects of PCNOK include the following:

No form of discrimination when it comes to access

Individuals or patients that have access to Medicaid, private insurance, and Medicare are all eligible to visit the clinics that form the PCNOK of Oklahoma. Moreover, people who opt for cash payment and whose income is lower than 200% of the level of federal poverty are eligible for discounts.

Forming new ideas and workable solutions

Care teams, health coaches, mental health, and telehealth are all zones on the PCNOK team focuses. To enhance care delivery, PCNOK members aim to incorporate it into traditional primary care.

An extensive medical search

The ZIP codes and states of the patients can be searched on the PCNOK database. Even if the individual lives in a small town or a city, PCNOK is an incredible option for executing a detailed clinical study.

PCNOK has become an essential technological innovation that enables healthcare professionals to look after patients who suffer from chronic illnesses or are de-hospitalized. They also offer advanced technology which doctors can utilize for their patients in case of some long-term therapy that needs to be monitored at particular intervals.

Moreover, under PCNOK, the technology being used is also responsible for tracking the patient’s health status. This enables the patient to stay strong and safe during their treatment and even the recovery period, which can be life-saving in critical situations.

Lastly, the PCNOK networks provide several benefits to healthcare professionals, as their technology signals when something is wrong with their patients, and due to this, the doctors can act in time.

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