12 Best Oakley Womens Sunglasses

If you’re a woman, you know how important fashion accessories can be and how much they impact and uplift the look of an outfit! You could wear bracelets, necklaces, rings or scarves, anything that compliments you, but the problem is that these accessories are limited to certain looks. In 2020, the best and most trendy accessory, in my opinion, has to sunglasses! They literally pair up with any outfit, be it casual, formal, sleek and even summery dresses!

One right pair of shades can be a girl’s best friend! Nowadays, your best bet on shades is a pair of  Oakley women’s sunglasses. They’re literally hot in the market and come at all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and prices. So you can pick whichever one describes you and your style statement! Here’s a list of the top picks, and what their pros and cons are, so you can easily decide on which one to invest in!

1. Oakley Women’s Dispute Polarized Rectangular

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An essential pair of shades, in a rectangular frame with a composite lens. They’re available in 3 different colors. These sunglasses are light-weight and can be used daily as they are stress-resistant. It’s a one-time investment that could last you years, as they’re made of plastic, so the chances of them breaking are next to none.

The only con is that they are non-polarized, so they won’t be able to block out all sorts of UV rays, they can’t take into account the direction that light is coming from, so they don’t offer protection from light that is not vertical.

2. Oakley Womens She’s Unstoppable

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These shades have a more casual shape, meaning you can wear them anywhere. They are more in a quadrilateral shape, with a colored lens, varying in 3 shades – black, raspberry and steel. They’re made of plastic, so they’ll be long-lasting and are also lightweight, meaning you won’t feel like you’re wearing any shades, maximizing comfort. These shades are polarized, making them block out light in all directions! If you’re skeptical about wearing sunglasses because of a chubby face, these will flatter a medium face shape. A win-win situation, protecting your eyes to the max and giving you a trendy look!

3. Oakley Women’s OO9191 Unstoppable Rectangular Sunglasses

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These are my favorite pairs! They not only come in stylish colors like pink and light blue but are also in a large rectangular frame with a rimless exterior and are the lightest Oakley frame for women, making it an excellent option for sportswomen. They have a 100% UV protection coating on the lens, which is really good for the sunny summers!

The cons are that the frame and the lens are made of plastic, so you can’t really wear them to fancy events or formal meetings, as well as the fact that they are non-polarized.

4. Oakley Women’s OO4079

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These sunglasses are high-end when it comes to the pros. It has a metal frame, with a plastic lens that is polarized and has 100% UV protection coating on them. They have a plutonic lens material offering top-level comfort, clarity, and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation, that too from all angles. It also has no-snag nose pads in the center, to prevent your hair from being caught up. This pair also comes with a sunglass case, and micro bag included to clean and protect your Oakley sunglasses. The best offer you can get, honestly!

5. Oakley Moonlighter Sunglasses

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Vibrant colors are all you need this summer and lucky for you, these sunglasses have 7-8 color options for their lens, from light pink to deep turquoise. These lenses offer 100% UV Protection filtering off all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400mm, protecting your eyes. It’s perfect with a vision as it gives clear sight.

The con is that it resembles the RayBen shape A LOT so that it might look like a knock-off version of it. Also, it’s a bit pricey, even after a 50 dollar discount.

6. Oakley Women’s Feedback Aviator Metal Sunglasses

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This is a more wider pair of shades, with a lens width of 59 millimeters and a lens height of 47 millimeters. It is ultralight in weight and has a metal frame, makes it longer lasting. It has a plastic lens that is 100% UV coated and has an acetate stem. These come in many colors, but the only downside is that they are non-polarized.

7. Oakley Women’s Cohort Rectangular Sunglasses

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This pair of Oakley’s are more suitable for slimmer face cuts, as the lens’ size are smaller. The lens’ width is 61 millimeters and bridge is 14 millimeters in height. These shades have full coverage. They have a lightweight frame that is great for everyday use.

The bad part is that it is made of plastic, making it have a shorter life. Price is affordable.

8. Oakley Women’s Hold On OO9298 Non-Polarized Cateye Sunglasses

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A super chic pair of shades with the most popular shape in the market – the cateye sunglasses. They have pointed corners which add a wow factor to the entire look. And the best parts are that these shades offer fashion with comfort too, as they’re lightweight and resilient, meaning you can wear them on a daily basis and not be worried about damaging them.

9. Oakley Women’s She’s Unstoppable Black

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These sunglasses have lenses which are prescription ready, which means that the lenses are removable, and different ones can be attached as per your liking, in case you want to wear a different colored lens each day. The frame and lens both are plastic, so they’re easy to carry around wherever you go. The only con is that it’s non-polarized, so you it’s not the best option for full sunlight blackouts.

10. Oakley Women’s Hold On Cateye Sunglasses White

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These are very basic shades, which are well equipped for active women who are always on the move or who play sports, as it has a nose and stem pads which prevent the glasses from slipping out of place or off the nose while running or jogging. They have a plastic frame which is olive green in color, with a plastic lens which are dark grey. These shades are a win and suit everyone because of their shape, with a lens width of 58 millimeters and a lens height of 46.3 millimeters. One bad thing about these shades is that if you’re walking with the sun behind you, the sun rays will reflect off the back of the lens and shoot right back into your eye, so it’s not for you if you have sensitive eyes.

11. Oakley Women’s Tie Breaker Sunglasses (OO4108) Metal

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My personal favorite pair of sunglasses! These are super chic, as their frames are animal printed – much like a cheetah. They’re super in, so if you’re looking to fit in this summer, here’s your best buy. These shades are polarized with a 100% UV protection coating on their lens, blocking out all light sources that could damage your eyes. Its only con is that it’s a bit pricey and can’t be worn with every outfit, especially over formal attires.


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This is a timeless design that will suit any face type, as it has smooth curves for a rounded silhouette. A modern and comfortable look for the working woman, as well as everyday wear. It comes in limited colors, that too in dark shades only, like blue, black and grey.

Final Words

All in all, here are your best chances of nailing your summer OOTDs, so try and purchase whichever one you think suits your face type, so you can impress your Instagram followers with your bomb.com photos!

Minza Haque: Minza is an aspiring doctor and a fashion and beauty influencer. She posts and write about the little things that she likes in her life and wants to share with the world to make it a better place.

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