10 Best Makeup Products from NYX Cosmetics



Lipsticks, glosses, blushes, foundation, concealers, eyeshades, and eyeliners: You name any product; NYX is a brand with endless options and hues for you to explore. Its affordable price tag makes it a favorite among the youth. One could buy a complete makeup set with 25 dollars. The quality of the products is comparable to high-end brands like MAC. Moreover, they are cruelty-free, and the constituent ingredients for each product are available on their website. So whether you are a makeup novice or an expert looking for the best products in the market, here we bring our top ten choices in NYX makeup essentials:

1. NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick

The purpose of makeup is to enhance your features and make you look and feel beautiful. The all-purpose wonder stick from NYX cosmetics does the same. You can use it for concealing, highlighting, and for those sleek contours of a picture-perfect sculpted face.


The texture of both highlighter and the contour stick is super smooth, and they just glide along the skin. They are nonsticky. The glitter factor depends on the shade.


The wonder stick is sturdy and easy to handle. The twist-up tube has transparent caps. It looks like a marker with two ends. The outer cardboard package has how-to instruction steps and ingredients list too.


It comes in the following six shades: Universal, Light, Medium, Deep, Deep Dark, and Deep rich.

The plus points:

Highlighting and contouring are not a child’s play with a long list of products that are required. The NYX wonder stick gives an easy option and is suitable for daily use. You can even replace the foundation with it. The only careful thing one needs to do is to choose the shade wisely according to your skin tone.

2. NYX Professional Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Professional Jumbo Eye Pencil

These were one of the first products introduced by the NYX founder Toni Ko. The creamy pencil can also work as an eye shadow. Its non-irritant quality has made it a makeup staple for many women around the globe.


It comes in the typical pencil format. You can sharpen or depot it. The cap is transparent and a little bit fragile.


The jumbo pencil comes in 28 shades, out of which the black bean and the milk shade are popular. If you like glitter and wish to bring drama to your eyes, then you can go for shades like pure gold, sparkle leopard, cashmere, sparkle nude, etc.

The plus points:

Its texture is super smooth; it does not sting your eyes and is easy to remove too. You do not require a cleanser or makeup remover. It is not very smudgy, and you can create a smoky effect with it easily.

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX cosmetics introduced this excellent product in 2011. It is so popular to date that it is known as the holy grail of lip color. It has a sweet vanilla smell and lip-friendly. So, you can directly apply on the lips.

Package and Shades:

It comes in a beautiful tube with a black lid. The lid has the doe-foot applicator, and it is super easy to use. The color of the container is not the same as that of the product. There are around 34 different shades, and each shade is named after a city.

The plus points:

The supreme quality of the product makes it a top-selling cosmetic, even in 2022. Its creamy texture glides smoothly, and after a few minutes, the cream sets as a perfect matte lip color. Few shades have good pigmentation, whereas a few may require double-coating. It is lightweight and has a staying power of three to five hours.

4. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Do you end up wasting a lot of the foundation liquid? It will no longer be the problem with this ink bottle version from NYX. The lid with the dropper lets you take the right amount of the product. You can also get a foundation brush specially designed for this product.

Package and shades:

The ink-bottle structured product comes in a black cardboard box with instructions and ingredients. There are around 30 shades for you to match and choose. The official NYX website helps you find the right shade virtually.

The plus points:

It is a water-based foundation and feels very light on the skin. It blends well and does not dry up to give a cakey appearance. It is semi-matte and offers natural shine to your face. It can stay for 5 – 6 hours and is very comfortable for daily use. Like most of the NYX products, it is budget-friendly too.

5. NYX High Definition Finishing Powder

NYX High Definition Finishing Powder

Finishing powders are a must for parties and festivities. They help the makeup stay in place and give your face a photogenic look. But the powder has to blend effectively into your skin; otherwise, you might end up with a patchy look.

Package and shades:

It comes in a jar with holes. You will require a puff to get the optimum quantity and prevent wasting. It comes in three shades – translucent, banana, mint green. Tinted colors are perfect for people with uneven skin tone.

The plus points:

It makes the surface smooth and keeps the skin naturally matte. It is more suitable for people with oily skin. It is also the best product that hides your imperfections well. One requires very little quantity of the powder. A little extra could give your face an artificially painted look.

6. NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

Concealers are for hiding flaws like pimples, acne, redness, and dull skin. They are based on the theory that opposite colors cancel each others’ effect and give a natural shade. For example, if you have reddish spots, you can apply a green tint to hide it.

Package and Shade:

It comes in the regular rectangular plastic case with transparent lid. It is very handy and travel-friendly. There are six shades in the palette, which includes green, lavender, yellow, pink, tan, and brown.

The plus points:

NYX Color Correcting palette not only corrects issues like redness, dark circles, tan, and under-eye bags, it also lets you do the contours and highlights. It feels feather-light on the skin and easy to apply. The pigmentation is plentiful, and one requires very little quantity. It is suitable for people with fair and medium skin tones. People with dry skin should apply moisturizing products before using this concealer.

7. NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

There will be busy days when you cannot afford to look at the mirror but want your makeup to last longer. On such occasions, this setting spray is the product for you. It helps you keep the makeup look natural and intact.

Package and variety:

It comes in a plastic bottle. The lid has a nozzle for spraying and is covered with a transparent cap. It comes in two formats: Dewy finish and Matte finish.

The plus points:

Both variants of the product are lightweight and evaporate quickly on the skin. They do not smudge the makeup at all and give the right protection.

8. NYX Face & Body Glitter

NYX Face & Body Glitter

For festive occasions, we all like to add a bit of shimmer and shine. Don’t we? The loose glitter from NYX is super sparkly and gives a dramatic appearance.

Package and Shades:

It comes in a small cylindrical container; you could keep a small quantity of the product in the lid while applying. It comes in 12 different shades.

The plus points:

The product requires a glitter primer before applying. You can apply it easily with a fine brush. People even mix it with body lotion for all glam look. The best part is it’s no side effect formula. You do not have any burning or irritating sensation.

9. NYX Epic Ink Liner

NYX Epic Ink Liner

It is the pen eyeliner with super soft nib and excellent pigmentation. It gives you great control, and you can form the thinnest lines with it.

Package and Shades:

The pen is lightweight and comes with a nice click-on lid. The nib has a soft and perfectly sized brush. The product comes in two shades- black and brown.

The plus points:

This eyeliner with a slim tip glides on effortlessly. You can wear it to the gym and flaunt your style even in the fitness apparel. At a selling price of 9 dollars, it is the most affordable and high-quality product.

10. NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

If you wish to look instantly dressed up and look bright, then these are the go-to lip color product. There is a multitude of shades. Some give the extra-shine, whereas others can provide a natural finish.

Package and Shades:

The product comes with a screw-top tube, and the lid has the sponge applicator. For most of the shades, the cap color matches with the pigment color. NYX has around 34 shades under this category.

The plus points:

It is easy to use, and the consistency of the product is perfect. It glides along the lips and does not smudge. It is harmless, and you do not require a moisturizer or a lip balm. You can apply it directly to your lips as it is super hydrating.

Final Words

A right makeup product at an affordable price range was the mission behind NYX cosmetics. The company has created a lot of innovative stuff for the beauty industry that it has become a household name among makeup pros and beginners. Lip glosses, lipsticks, lip liners, blushes, foundations, contour palettes, mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, you get all that you want with the endless list of their products. And everything is available in a range of shades. They even sell accessories like makeup brushes, bags, sharpeners, makeup remover, etc. They specify the ingredients clearly, and the company has remained cruelty-free since the beginning in 1999. Initially, the company sold only to makeup professionals. But with the rising popularity and a huge demand, it started selling online and has offline shops too. It is also available with all e-commerce companies and stores like Target, Macy’s, Ulta, etc. The ease of availability and the attractive costs, make this brand a makeup haven for all those beauty buffs willing to experiment and enjoy.

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