Top 8 Mountain Bike Trails in Asia



Travel is an essential part of life, and if you are lucky enough to have international travel on the horizon then you cannot go past Asia. nowhere else will you encounter such diverse culture, incredible food and some of the best bike trails in the whole world. If you are a keen cycler and ready to take on Asia, here is what you have to look forward to.

Old Smuggler’s Trail, Cambodia

It makes sense to start with the most challenging trail first, and Old Smugger’s Trail is certainly a challenge for even the most experienced cycler. Most of this trail is dirt so be sure to have the right mountain bikes for the job. Expect wildly overgrown trails, flowing river crossings and a dense jungle environment. You can stop for a bite to eat around the village.

Annapurna Circuit, Himalayas/Nepal

You won’t get a better view on a bike ride than the one provided by the Annapurna Circuit. This ride will challenge you in a whole new way, with high altitudes contributing to some head-spinning moments, but not if you take your time with the track. Keep an eye out for the Kali Gandalf Valley and look down to see the deepest gorge you have ever seen.


When cycling through Laos you will be struck by just how populated this place is, but you will still be able to cycle at the pace you like. This is definitely an urban cycle so make sure you don’t eat before leaving as there will be many markets to pull up for a snack. Time tour ride and you may get to catch a Mekong river sunset, which is an unforgettable sight.

Vietnam rice paddies

Impossibly green and never-ending, Vietnam’s rice paddies present an incredible view as you wind through these rice paddies. Watch as the workers harvest the green rolling hills and breathe in the fresh air and empty roads that are hard to come by in the rest of Vietnam.

Bangkok, Thailand

Many travellers choose not to cycle through the chaotic roads of Bangkok, but there are a number of bike trails to be found outside the city limits. If you want to stay connected to the city and your accommodation, stick to the Chao Phraya river which snakes through the city and might be a little quieter than the hectic roads.

Angkor, Cambodia

The temples might be busy with tourists, but the adjacent bike paths are free reign for you and only a few other cyclers to make your way through this fantastic destination. Time your tour or visit so that you arrive at Angkor Wat last so you can enjoy it when there are fewer people.

The Volcanic Trails, Indonesia

Hanging around a volcano might sound a little more dangerous than you would like, but these active volcanos are accessible by walking and bike tracks and are a great place to visit if you know where to go. If you are staying in Bali, Ubud is the closest city to this track and you have a 35km downhill track to look forward to when you are done with the volcano.

Noto Peninsula, Japan

If you are a rider who likes control and order, Japan is going to be the destination for you. The Japanese population are well into biking and so their cities and infrastructure make this mode of transport very easy. The Noto Peninsula will show you a side of Japan that you haven’t seen before, as the track is along the coastline and has fantastic views of the beach.

Asia is on the bucket list for millions of travellers, and if you happen to be a cycler then there is a lot that awaits you on your trip. Given the proximity to one another, you can try and get a few of these tracks under your belt in one trip.

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