Top 10 Lipstick Shades For Women with Dusky Skin

Lipsticks offer a way to bring in some color and change in your appearance. Applying lipstick makes you look more dressed up and ready for important events and occasions. It enhances the appearance of your lips and gives you a boost of confidence.

To enjoy the full benefits that a lipstick has to offer, you need to select it carefully. Your choice will depend on a variety of factors like your outfit, accessories, and, most importantly, your complexion. Women with dusky skin will glow when using lipsticks with warm undertones. We have rounded up a list of ten lipstick shades that will look great with a darker complexion.

1. Nude

Nude lip-colors suit almost everyone. It is important to remember that nude lip-colors vary slightly, and you should choose one that goes well with your skin tone. If you have loved the nude lip-color on the Kardashian sisters, you should know that it will look great on you too. There’s a nude shade out there for every skin tone. This lip-shade is mega-popular because of its versatility. You can use it with dramatic eye makeup or for a no-makeup kind of look. Choose a nude shade with some shimmer so that your lips don’t look washed out. The shade should make your lips look fuller and enhance your pout.

2. Red

This is also a very benevolent shade. Red is ravishing and commanding. It can amp up the appeal of any set of lips. Red is associated with love and romance. It is warm, attractive, and makes your lips look luscious. Red lipstick goes well with most outfits, which is why it is a staple for your makeup bag. There are variations in red as well, and when you come across a red lipstick that highlights your lips perfectly, grab it and stick to it.

3. Mocha brown

This is a rich and warm shade and therefore brings out the glow of a dusky complexion. There will be slight variations in this shade between different brands and even within a brand, so it is easy to find one that will suit you specifically. Check out the caramel and chocolate brown shades while you are at it. Warm browns always look great on darker skin tones.

4. Hot pink

Lipstick in this shade brings a refreshing pop of color. It looks youthful and fun. This lipstick is vibrant and will compliment many outfits. You need to have one hot pink lipstick in your makeup bag. A pink pout can take off years from your appearance.

5. Plum

The lipsticks in plum are popular with dusky ladies. This shade looks rich, warm, and velvety. It’s a very flattering color and will suit most women. It adds the perfect amount of color dimension to enhance the appearance of your lips.

You need to upgrade your makeup bag with a plum lipstick if you haven’t done so already. Highlight your lips with bold lip color and keep the eye makeup simple for a look that is oh-so-gorgeous and effortless at the same time. Keep your eyelashes conditioned with revitalash uk so that you can carry off any look with aplomb at any time.

6. Burnt orange

This is a fiery color with an enormous appeal. It is versatile, and you could use it for any occasion. This shade compliments most outfits and brings in such a youthful pop of color.

If you have always shied away from orange tones, it is time to give burnt orange a try. You will fall in love with this shade! It is so rich, warm, and flattering for every skin tone. Once you give it a try, you will always keep one in your makeup arsenal.

7. Peach

A warm peach lipstick will look perfect on a dusky complexion regardless of whether it is matte or glossy. It helps bring out your complexion in a way that makes ‎you look healthy, pretty, and younger. If you love red, you will love peach. In case you think red attracts too much attention, then peach is just right for you.

It adds a pop of color, but in a more subtle fashion than red. Peach is an excellent choice if you are trying the monochromatic makeup look. It will go well with most outfits. Choose a peach lipstick that brings out your glow. If you love vibrant coral, why not go for it?

8. Rose pink

Rose pink is a safe bet when it comes to lipstick shades. It looks just perfect. It doesn’t attract too much attention while it is not something that can be ignored either. It is such a great subtle lip-color to the point of being sneakily attractive. It is neither bright nor dark. This makes it perfect for people who like wearing lipsticks without drawing too much attention to this fact.

9. Violet

This shade offers a gorgeous contrast to your skin tone. The result is a bold but classy look. Opt for a violet that goes well with your skin tone and use it to make a statement at events. This lip color is for the times when you wish to make an impact.

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10. Bronze

Your makeup arsenal is incomplete without a metallic shade. Bronze is a metallic lipstick that will suit the dusky complexion because of its warm undertone. It attracts attention in just the right amount.

The lipstick you choose should have good pigmentation quality because otherwise, it will not have the effect you were aiming for. Remember, you can also blend shades to create a unique look.

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