Top Kickass Torrent Alternatives To Download Unlimited Movies

Let’s face it! Not everyone is tech-savvy, and a file-sharing enthusiast, but nearly all of us love the magic of cinema and movies. Additionally, a vast majority of us rely on file-sharing torrent platforms like KickassTorrents to help us find the newest and hottest movies, including latest releases and timeless classics.

Among the various torrent sharing websites, one of the most popular is Kickass Torrent that offered a vast directory for torrent files and magnet links. KAT is the top most visited torrent directory of the world, overtaking some of the most established and most popular sites.

Kickass Torrent was founded in the late 2008 Artem Vaulin, and its popularity grew exponentially in a short period of time. Within six years of its inception, in 2014, the website had claimed the position of the most visited torrent websites leaving behind The Pirate Bay, which has ruled the segment for many years.

However, in 2016, with all eyes on KickassTorrent, the website had to close unfortunately after the copyright owners of the content being shared on the site took legal action.

To cash on the popularity of the platform, many KickAss copycats have emerged. However, most have failed to provide the same user experience and extensive database of torrents.

Top Five Alternatives to KickassTorrents

  1. LimeTorrents –
  2. ExtraTorrent –
  3. The Pirate Bay –
  4. RARBG –
  5. Dirty Torrents –
  6. –
  7. YTS.AM –
  8. TorLock –

1. LimeTorrent

LimeTorrents offers the refreshing and uplifting users experience that you would expect from a name like LimeTorrents. A new user-friendly zingy green-colored interface and a large database of magnet links and torrents await you at the site. Recognized the top torrent sites for two years in a row, you should surely check this site out if you are looking for a viable alternative for Kickass Torrents.

What we love about LimeTorrent are easy sorting options. The latest top and most popular torrents are sorted in designated categories, which makes locating them easily and hassle-free.

2. ExtraTorrent

Kickass Torrent is not available in your country, or if you are interested in an alternative, ExtraTorrent is hands down the best alternative when it comes to the range of torrents.

Like many other torrent sharing platforms, the original ExtraTorrent website was hit by legal action and bugs that forced the website to shut down. However, the mirror site is just as good as the original. With the same features and a large number of offerings, new users and loyal fans alike depend on the mirror site.

A popular feature of ExtraTorrent is a section of the latest copyright and torrent-related news in the top-left corner.

3. The Pirate Bay

If you have ever tried Kickasstorrents, then you would most probably be familiar with its most popular alternative – The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is one of the very few torrent sites that offer an enormous range of torrents.

From movies and TV series to Apps, Audio, and other entertaining videos! You name it, and The Pirate Bay has it! The reason why we always highly recommend The Pirate Bay is that it is amongst the few torrent sites that upload the latest content on the website.


RARBG is hands down one of the only torrent sites that come in full comparison with KAT Torrents, especially if you talk about the no-fuss website user interface. The other best thing about RARBG that makes it worth recommending it the full range of both classic and latest torrents.

From classic movies and TV Show episodes to the newly released ones – you will find it all and more on RARBG. So, if you are planning a sleepover, and you want to impress your friends and family with a collection of the latest movies! The RARBG has got you covered.

5. is an excellent Kick ass Torrents alternative, mainly because of the superb range of torrents and the easy to use website interface. Even if you are not a torrent pro, finding and downloading torrents from the is a piece of cake!

Why? Because offers an efficient and easy torrent sorting option that helps you select your desired Torrent within no time. We always recommend to new torrent users because of its impressively simple user interface.

6. Dirty Torrents

If you are not the biggest tech-savvy and you find torrent sites too complicated! A dirty Torrents is an excellent option for you! The clean-looking and straightforward interface will make it easier for you to select your desired content.

What we love about Dirty Torrents is that they do not only offer a good range of movies, TV shows, Apps, Games, and Music, but if you do not find your required content on Dirty Torrents, the website connects you to other torrent websites. So, Dirty Torrents isn’t just a fantastic torrent site with a good range of torrents, but it is also a smart torrent search engine.


If you are looking for that perfect torrent site that does not only offer a massive range of latest movies and TV show torrents, but you also want to enjoy HD quality! Then, look no further because if you talk about the best range of HD quality torrents, YTS.AM is always our top favorite torrent site.

Another reason why we always recommend YTS.AM is that their team actively updates the website and also takes requests. So, if you have placed a bet with your friends that you will find the latest/classic movie or TV show episode that is not available elsewhere! You can, without a doubt, trust YTS.AM to provide you with unique content!

8. TorLock

If you love torrenting, but you are concern about rumors that torrent websites leak their member’s data! So, play it safe and download your torrents only from Torlock. Through the years, TorLock has built trust amongst its members.

What we don’t love about TorLock is the limited range of (legal) torrents; however, you have to compromise somewhere if you want legal torrents and optimum data secrecy.

Not a Torrent Fan?

Remembering to download your favorite movie or series may feel like an additional chore at times. Not everyone is a torrent fan! Even I like to online stream our favorite films at times. Especially if I make a spontaneous movie plan with friends or want to enjoy a good movie while I unwinding with a warm cup of comfort tea and pamper myself after a long day of work!

WE highly recommend to use VPN service while accessing kickass torrents.

If that is the case, then we will surely enjoy online streaming your favorite free HD movies and series on our Top 5 FMovies Alternatives 2019.

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