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Juan Carlos Remolina is a renowned music director and conductor from Colombia. He was born on December 4, 1959, in Bogota, Colombia, and began his musical journey at a young age. Remolina is known for his remarkable work in promoting classical music in Colombia and other parts of the world.

Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Juan Carlos Remolina showed a keen interest in music from an early age. He began studying the violin at the age of six and later pursued his studies at the National University of Colombia, where he earned a degree in music. Remolina continued his studies in the United States, where he earned a Master’s degree in orchestral conducting from the Manhattan School of Music.



Juan Carlos Remolina has had a prolific career as a music director and conductor. He has worked with several orchestras around the world, including the New York Philharmonic, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In addition, Remolina has served as the music director and conductor of several orchestras, including the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra.

Remolina has also worked in the opera world, serving as the music director and conductor of several productions, including “Carmen,” “La Bohème,” and “Madame Butterfly.” He has collaborated with some of the most renowned singers and performers in the opera world, including Plácido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli.

Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades

Juan Carlos Remolina’s remarkable work in the field of classical music has earned him numerous awards and accolades. In 2015, he was awarded the “Order of the Congress of Colombia” for his contribution to the development of classical music in Colombia. He has also received the “Medal of Cultural Merit” from the city of Medellin, Colombia, and the “Order of Boyacá” from the Colombian government.

Personal Life

Juan Carlos Remolina is known for being a private person and keeping his personal life out of the public eye. He is married and has two children.


Juan Carlos Remolina is an exceptional musician who has made a significant contribution to the world of classical music. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to promoting classical music in Colombia and beyond have earned him numerous accolades and awards. Remolina’s work has left a lasting impact on the music industry, and he continues to inspire young musicians and conductors around the world.

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