How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily? 10 Simple Ways

Vomiting is not a very desirable experience. Some of you might be feeling uncomfortable just by the thought of it. Imagine the circumstances under which you had to do this- a horrible food, some dirty smell, a brutal visual scene, a headache, or acidity; any of these might have forced you to go through this despicable act of throwing up.

As ugly as the action seems, vomiting actually becomes a conscious choice in certain situations. Before you think this is insane, let’s dig deep and throw some light on the act of throwing up.

Why do we throw up?

Throwing up is something that happens to us mostly as a reactionary measure. It is generally related to our gut health, so any critical issue with the gut may lead to vomiting. General health problems, fever, migraine, heavy drinking, a high intake of lactose products- all these may cause us vomiting. Disturbing audio-visual elements and malodor are also known, culprits.

However, some people throw up intentionally. The primary reasons for this are things like the anxiety of gaining weight after a large snack, devouring poisonous food, taking the wrong medication, or just feeling that it will give some kind of physical relief.

What is the viability of voluntary throwing up?

Vomiting is not a very spontaneous process. For doing this, one has to push hard both physically and mentally, not to mention the pain and soar feeling. Nonetheless, sometimes, the desired result of throwing up can outweigh its inconvenience.

Self-induced vomiting can get rid of unnecessary toxins from your body, give you temporary relief from anxiety, take care of indigestion, and so on. But it’s always judicious to let your doctor make the final call before you puke.

The risks of self-instigated vomiting

Vomiting is a health issue and needs careful medical attention. When you vomit, you lose a lot of minerals and other nutrients from your body, which may make you weak or lead to abnormal pulse rate. Stomach acid, which comes out with the puke, can also deteriorate the enamel of your teeth. This acid can also cause a sore throat and make us sound hoarse.

So making a habit of vomiting on a daily basis is never a good idea. However, for emergencies, you should be aware of the best ways to vomit. Since you have already read about the pros and cons of the process, let’s look at 10 simple ways to make yourself throw up easily:

1. Making use of fingers

Making use of your fingers to vomit is one of the oldest and most comfortable ways. By pushing your finger deep into your throat, you can generate a feeling of choking, which leads to throwing up. The pinch of the fingers causes a vomiting reflex, and it also sends a psychological signal to the brain, which induces vomiting.


Wash your fingers clean before trying this method. Cut your nails so that you do not hurt your throat. Do not create unnecessary strain on your body if the process does not work.

2. Exposing yourself to disturbing sights or disgusting stink

Environments with really horrible visuals or smell can be nauseating, which may prompt you to throw up. These ugly empirical experiences make your brain act as if you have become sick, thus leading to vomiting. Things like heaps of garbage, animal carcasses, mutilated human bodies, and even watching something nasty on the screen can induce vomiting.


While this trick can make you throw up, make sure that you are psychologically ready to face such uncomfortable occurrences. These experiences may well bring you mental issues instead of getting rid of the existent ones.

3. Warm salt water

Drinking warm salt water is another convenient way to vomit. Salt contains sodium; hence, a high intake of it disturbs your electrolyte balance and induces you to throw up this excess fluid from your system.


Add about four tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water and stir it well before drinking. Don’t overheat it. Follow up with drinking some plain water.

4. Using toothbrush

If the idea of pushing your fingers down your throat doesn’t make you comfortable, your toothbrush can be the best substitute. Use it, in the same manner; you would use your fingers and push it slowly towards the back of your tongue. The gag reflex will eventually make you throw up.


The toothbrush should be wet before you push it in. Make sure there are no sharp elements that may hurt your throat. Do not force the brush too deep to avoid gasping.

5. Using mustard mix

A mustard mix is highly disgusting in taste as well as odor, and a tablespoon of it should be enough to make you throw up. For best results, add the mustard paste or powder in a glass of warm water and dissolve it.


If you are using packaged powder, check the purity and the availability of other artificial substances. Also, do not make this process a regular habit as mustard contains high levels of sodium, which can prove damaging for your health in the long run.

6. Utilizing egg whites

If you thought eggs were delicious, that’s because you didn’t taste them raw. As outrageous as the idea seems to be, gargling with raw egg whites can immediately induce vomiting, thanks to its unpleasant smelly flavor.


Be careful about not consuming the raw egg whites as it can lead to serious stomach problems. After gargling, if it doesn’t work, rinse your mouth with fresh warm water to clean the insides and try the other steps.

7. Making use of baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can induce vomiting when taken excessively. It makes you remarkably uncomfortable and causes nausea and vomiting.


Limit the amount of baking soda to a tablespoon, and don’t consume it dry. Mix it in warm water and swallow it at one go.

8. Bloodroot herb

Bloodroot herb is a natural remedy for inducing vomit. Although it is a medicinal herb that cures many diseases, it is known to make people feel nauseous. You need to collect the powder of this herb first and then mix it with water and gulp it down.


Bloodroot has toxic elements, and you should never take it more than once or twice. Take expert opinion before you try this option.

9. Watching others throwing up

It’s hard to find a person who has not been troubled by the scene of someone throwing up. These occurrences often messed up our journeys. You should have noticed how a person’s vomiting triggers some people to feel sick in the same way, leading to their throwing up. This happens because of the visuals, and the smell creating the overall sickening atmosphere.


Nothing much; just don’t search after frequent vomiters in your friend circle. If you get one coincidentally when you need it, that’s your good luck! Otherwise, take the help of video clips.

10. Thinking about vomiting

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Well, this biblical proverb couldn’t be more helpful than in the time of your need, especially if you don’t have anything else to help you out except your ‘heart.’ If you can think about all kinds of uncomfortable situations, scenes with proper focus, you will be able to generate a sickening feeling, which will lead to throwing up.


The process of thinking can displace you from your way by taking you to all kinds of imaginary situations. If your imaginative faculty is not powerful, this can actually delay your objective and worsen the situation.

Steps you should take before and after throwing up

  • Have a person on standby who can help if you lose balance or feel weak.
  • Have cold water and a towel ready to freshen up after vomiting.
  • When you are in a mood to throw up, stay close to the toilet so that it’s an easy reach.
  • After vomiting, wash your mouth, eyes, and nostrils with fresh cold water.
  • Drink saline or some fruit juice and avoid heavy meals right after throwing up.
  • Take a shower after vomiting if you are feeling stuffy.

Preventive measures to avoid forced vomiting

The best way to keep self-induced vomiting away is to shun food habits, which are harming your stomach as well as your overall physique. You can start by getting rid of high-fat ingredients and spicy elements from your diet.

Focus on keeping your body in shape by building more lean muscles and reducing body fat. Anavar can be a great help in this regard as it helps you with lean gains and increases your strength and satiation, effectively diminishing your hunger. Maintaining a healthy diet and excellent gut health will completely obliterate the need for self-induced vomiting, and we won’t need to discuss this again.   

Final words on self-induced vomiting

Self-induced vomiting is not a very comforting remedy to your physical troubles, and you should attempt it as a last resort. Except for certain situations, vomiting may not improve your health condition. Moreover, it may lead to serious physical weakness due to a lack of nutrients, which will make you miss your office or school for the day.

You should create such a lifestyle where you don’t even need to think about throwing up. Eat healthy food, do regular exercise, minimize your heavy drinks, have timely health checkups. In case of any complexity, let your doctor have the final say.

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