How to Keep Yourself Motivated During COVID-19 Lockdown?



In many countries, there have been extended lockdowns to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. After having a routine of going out of the house for groceries, office work and for meeting friends, keeping indoors may seem a bit off to many. The basic thought should be to keep calm when the world is changing so rapidly. There are no forecasts that tell you what happens in the future. Hence you must focus on yourself, on keeping yourself happy, even under duress.

If you are thinking about how to keep yourself motivated during COVID-19, then do read on.


Meditation is one of the best ways to maintain the right mood. Being stuck indoors may cause you to get irritated. I know it does to me. That is why your mental state is of utmost importance to your overall well-being. Try deep breathing exercises, especially when you are feeling anxious. However, if you have been facing issues constantly, even before the pandemic, then you may seek professional help. These days many therapists have gone online, and you can reach them through a phone too.

Working out

There is nothing like a good workout to keep you going. Now that gyms are closed, and you don’t have many options, you must not give up on working out. It releases good hormones and keeps the body fit. Try downloading work out apps that show how you can exercise without any equipment or with minimal equipment. Basic stretches and pulls can be done without machines or dumbbells. Core exercises are also an excellent way to keep in shape.

Decorate your house

You aren’t one of those who like too much downtime then try reimaging your home or one space. Decorate or redecorate your room with simple tips such as moving furniture around or adding plants. You could also begin planting small pots for your windows or balconies if you don’t have a full-fledged garden. And if you do have a garden, then you can totally focus on that. Watering, pruning, adding manure can take up a lot of your time. You could also power wash your driveway if you have one. Those videos on YouTube make me wish I had a driveway and a power washer.

Watch movies

Wanted to watch that movie ages ago, but just didn’t have time. Well, now you can. Put those online subscriptions to good use and feel free to binge-watch. This is a great way to spend time with family or friends living with you. Movies and series can keep you distracted, and you enjoy the time you are engrossed in that. So we recommend you to watch motivational movies during the lockdown.


You can also go for reading to feel good. There so many genres today that you will find something that you like. Many reading sites like Scribd have made it free for people to enjoy books during this lockdown phase. Make use of those options, if you cannot get to the library or bookstore. If you aren’t sure what to read, there are plenty of websites that put out reviews and tell you what is worth it and what isn’t. Search for some good reads for women or men online to get your reading list.

Try hairstyles

Stuck at home and have nothing to do? Get your genius hairstylist out and try new hairstyles. It isn’t a worry if you don’t have long hair, your roommate or someone in your family may have it. Learn braiding, using hairspray and get creative in trying hairstyles, either on yourself or your sister who will be your guinea pig!

Do makeovers

Another cool thing to try when you are at home is to try to do makeovers. Get all your makeup out and ready and ask your mom to take a seat. Do a makeover for her, with hairdos and admire your creation. You can try one look every day with your existing products and make your mom feel good.


Cooking has become somewhat necessary with limited restaurant options. However, it doesn’t have to be drab and boring or a disaster. Get on YouTube where you can find many demos of recipes. You can easily search for something for beginners if you are a novice or try Gordon Ramsay on the channel if you have a lot of experience.

Try hobbies

Trying hobbies is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated during COVID-19. Many of us had hobbies that we left behind when our jobs took over our lives. Well now is the time to bring those hobbies back. I personally started painting after ages. And now I do a little bit every alternate day. You can also start with your hobbies, and it could be anything – art, craft, gardening, whatever you want to do.

Do nothing

Seriously this is important. If you don’t want to do anything for the day, then it is totally acceptable just not to do anything. If you’re going to lie in bed or just sit staring out the window, do that. Do or not do whatever you make feel better.

Spend time with family

Take this time to spend with your family. Spend more time talking to them or doing things with them. Lend a hand with tasks, do it together. If your family doesn’t live with you, do get on skype calls or chats to catch up. If you have pets, then even better. Give them love and attention and pamper them. I am sure they will reciprocate and show you some deserved attention too.

Wrapping up

This may be a hard time when you don’t get to go out or meet friends. Social life is zero. But it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of electronic platforms have offers for this period, make use and connect. We need to stand together and do our bit to slow the spread. And now things may seem hard and gloomy but believe that it will be alright. We will come out of this together. We will be resilient and get through this tough time.

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