From Suitcases to Streetwear: How Louis Vuitton Has Stayed Iconic

MILAN - JANUARY 13: Woman with brown checkered Louis Vuitton bag before Diesel Black Gold fashion show, Milan Fashion Week street style on January 13, 2018 in Milan.

Louis Vuitton is beyond a reasonable doubt, one of the most popular luxury brands to ever exist. Regardless of where you’re from, what you do or who you are, the chances are that you’ve come across Louis Vuitton handbags and their signature monogram at some point in your life. So, what exactly is Louis Vuitton’s secret to success at remaining relevant throughout the years when other brands have come and gone? Well, that’s what we’ll be looking into today. Grab a cuppa and stick around if you’d like to find out how Louis Vuitton has managed to stay iconic for over 100 amazing years!

Dedication To Quality

It may sound obvious, but the pristine quality of Louis Vuitton bags, clothing and accessories are the key to their monumental success over the last century. It goes without saying, nothing beats quality, and Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands that has managed to maintain a high standard of quality despite rapid expansion all over the world. Have you noticed that you’ve probably never seen a Louis Vuitton ad on television or on the internet? Well, there’s a reason for this — Louis Vuitton doesn’t do marketing; they simply create exceptional products with the utmost care and let the final products speak for themselves. You can’t get more powerful than that.

It’s Not Just A Bag, It’s A Lifestyle

Another key ingredient to Louis Vuitton’s long term success is the fact that they’re not just selling handbags, luggage, clothing or accessories – they’re selling a lifestyle. There is a certain opulence and class associated with owning Louis Vuitton products, and this exclusivity is exactly what has made the company such a roaring success. The brand also has a strategy of only producing a limited quantity of each item, thus boosting the demand for their products and creating fantastic exclusivity at the same time. By creating scarcity, waiting lists naturally become longer and longer, making Louis Vuitton one of the most desired brands on the planet.

Evolving With The Times

Louis Vuitton has also been one of the few brands that has managed to consistently evolve with the times. As trends change, so do customer needs, and Louis Vuitton is no stranger to taking up the challenge. By working with various modern designers such as Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones, Yayoi Kusama, Pharrell Williams, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince, the brand has managed to inject relevancy and spark to each and every collection that they release. This attention to changing needs and trends is what has kept designs evolving over the years in order to reach younger markets with styles that are appealing and fashionable at any given time.

Remixing The Classics

You probably already recognise the iconic LV monogram that has been tied to the brand ever since 1896. In fact, this monogram is so popular that you’ll find hundreds of thousands of counterfeit items on the black market trying to emulate the very same design on low-quality bags. By working with this tried and tested monogram and remixing it to create designs such as the Giant Monogram collection, Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands in the world that manages to continuously improve on something that is already perfect, time and time again.

Excellent After Sales Service

Last but not least, did you know that every Louis Vuitton bag can be sent in for cleaning and repair works? If you’re like most of us, keeping your handbag in pristine condition 24/7 is a challenging task. Life happens, as do spills, stains and dirt. Thankfully, your relationship with Louis Vuitton doesn’t simply end at the point of sale. Any craftsmanship issues such as stitching and hardware breakage are 100% covered by the brand, and they will go out of their way to ensure your item is repaired at no extra cost to you. Such fine attention to customer needs is truly what has made the brand the success it is today.

At the end of the day, there is no secret recipe for success when it comes to Louis Vuitton. A simple combination of attention to detail, quality and constantly evolving with current trends and consumer demands is the exact recipe that has been working for this iconic brand for over 120 years and many more to come!

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