Hadid Replaces Sister Bella as the Top Cover Model for 2022



Hadid sisters, Or we can say most rated 2 girls, in the industry of fashion. Its true that in the industry of fashion Bella can do anything but Gigi Hadid can do better, And she proved this in the past 12 months, Slowly but very intelligently she climbed the rank of the topmost model and her elder sibling. Yes, Bella Hadid. By snatching the position of Bella Hadid, 23-year-old model become top model of 2022 And now she is on the cover page of every fashion magazine.

While Kendall Jenner becomes the highest paid actor of 2022. Gigi has undoubtedly had the most exposure. In addition to this achievement, Gigi anded the most ad campaigns for Spring 2022, booking everyone from Versace to Stuart Weitzman. Gigi Hadid also came in third for the Fall 2022 ad season.

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