lothing with Grit: Learn the Essentials of Modern Cowboy Fashion



Did you know, July 22nd is the National Day of the Cowboys?

If you love the cowboy look, then perhaps every day is the day of the cowboys!

In this article, we’ll look at how to dress as a Modern Cowboy and provide you with a few styling tips that you can use to change up your look! Let’s get started:

1. Blue Jeans Are an Essential

Although blue jeans are part of the traditional cowboy look, they certainly have not gone out of fashion! Why not also pair this with a denim jacket?

In order to update this look and make it more modern and personal, you could choose to change the color of your jeans. Opt for all white for an on-trend look.

2. Modern Cowboy Jewelry Is a Vibe

If you haven’t seen any modern cowboy jewelry, then it’s worth spending some time on Pinterest or Instagram!

You’ll find everything from wooden belts, cow pendants for necklaces, and belt-buckle earrings.

Cowboy jewelry is definitely worth investing in if you’re committed to this look. It has the ability to update or traditionalize your look.

3. Cowboy Boots Make This Look Sing

While walking along the long, country roads, you shouldn’t be wearing anything other than your trusty old cowboy boots.

It may take you some time to find a modern cowboy look that you love. But, once you’ve stumbled across the perfect pair, make sure you buy a few so you can keep your style consistent!

Why not wear a pair of cowboy boots with embroidered stars? Alternatively, white, ankle cowboy boots will also look great when you are wearing black jeans and a shirt!

4. Add a Plaid Flannel Shirt

If you’re feeling great in your boots and jeans, why not finish the look off with a plaid flannel shirt?

Cowgirls can modernize this look by wearing a cropped shirt. Simply tie the bottom of your shirt together at your navel! Read on here.

If you don’t want to wear flannel as it’s simply too warm, then try wearing a lighter cotton fabric instead!

5. Your Hat Will Finish off Your Outfit

Are you ready to go with your new boots, tight jeans, and jewelry? No cowboy outfit is truly complete without a hat, and this still stands with the modern look!

Choose something which matches your boots. Alternatively, opt for a slightly more understated hat to bring this look into the 21st century.

However, whatever you do, always look for a hat with tassels! You may choose to wear a blue, green, orange, or white hat to update this look.

The Modern Cowboy Look Is Worth Investing In

Once you’ve found the pieces that you love, it’s definitely worth buying two so that, when your plaid shirt elbows wear out, you have another to pop on!

The modern cowboy look is one that is very individual. Why not dress your entire family up in matching cowboy outfits?

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