How To Choose Dress Length That Suits You



Dress shopping is always an event. You may easily get overwhelmed by how many options you have. With all of the available styles, how do you know which one to pick? Should you select a sleeveless dress? What material do you want to dress to be made out of? What colors or patterns do you like? Those are all valid questions you should ask. They are also common questions that probably pop right into your head when you are looking for a new dress.

What dress length suits you? That is a question that may not pop into your head as automatically. Yet, it is one you should consider. Based on your body type, specific dress lengths are more flattering. You also have to factor in your personal preferences and, if necessary, the specific occasion for which you are buying the dress. Here are some of the perks and detriments of typical dress lengths you need to think about when you shop.

A Mini Dress Accentuates Your Legs More

Mini dresses are as informal as dresses get. They are short dresses, much like mini skirts. They are most often worn in environments like dance clubs and bars. If you are trying to attract or impress a date, a mini dress is an excellent choice. However, you need to understand its benefits to reap those benefits. For example, one of the biggest benefits of a mini dress is it draws attention to your legs.

Another way in which a mini dress can help you draw attention to yourself is by making your legs look longer. If you are short, that can be a major benefit. However, if you are already tall wearing a mini dress can make you look excessively so. For that reason, a mini dress is best worn with flats, unless you are short and need to gain some extra height. Then matching it with heels can help you look your tallest.

A Cocktail Dress is a Classy Choice

A cocktail dress is a knee-length or slightly shorter dress. It takes its name from the fact it is a popular choice when going to cocktail parties. The length of a cocktail dress is perfect for accentuating your legs and being somewhat sexy. At the same time, it helps you maintain a level of dignity and grace. Match it with some heels to attend a formal gathering. You can also opt to wear a cocktail dress when attending any somewhat formal occasion, such as a dinner with business associates.

A Midi Dress Does it All

If you are looking for an all-purpose dress that suits most occasions and activities, you cannot go wrong with a midi dress. The length of a midi dress can vary slightly, but it is always between your knee and ankle. That length is where it gets its name. Choose a midi dress in a fabric and style you like, and it can become a staple of your wardrobe. Midi dresses are frequently worn as office attire, but you can also wear them casually, such as while out shopping or having drinks with friends. Midi dress styles vary from loose skirts to form-fitting designs. You can select whatever design suits your personality and comfort level best.

An Asymmetrical Dress Makes a Statement and Shows Personality

Another option is an asymmetrical dress. An asymmetrical dress is one that does not follow the same guidelines from side to side or front to back. For example, an asymmetrical dress can have only one sleeve. It can also have a hemline that varies from front to back or side to side. For example, it may be a midi dress length in the back and a cocktail dress length in the front. Asymmetrical dresses are typical. Any type of asymmetry in your dress can help you draw attention to it. Therefore, such a dress can be fun to wear for all sorts of occasions, but you should be prepared to be the center of attention when you wear one.

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