The Difference in Clothing Preference of Men and Women

Men and Women are known to have different lifestyle choices and persuasion of a trend and is also readily found in their clothing styles. The fashion industry has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. From the evolution of multiple online fashion streams to authentic and high-end fashion brands, the role of fashion in our everyday lives has taken a different attitude altogether. Due to increased awareness about fashion through various sources, a lot of people are undergoing major clothing shifts in their personal as well as work life. Here are a few noticeable differences in the clothing preference of Men and Women.

The overall process

This forms the most important aspect of clothing selection for Men and Women. Their preferences in terms of undergoing the process of selection of clothes vary greatly. While Men lookout for an effortless process wherein they do not have to spend a lot of time, effort and energy in selecting the right fit and type of clothing, Women prefer the other way around.

They are willing to undergo a comprehensive process of clothing selection to obtain their desired clothing fit, type, style, and appeal. This is because of the underlying belief that women give importance to their physical looks and appearance than Men.

Liking for shopping

This is one area where the clothing preference of Men and Women drastically defer due to their appeal for shopping. While shopping for clothes has undergone drastic changes in recent times with the advent of multiple online shopping sites to different physical brand outlets, it still has not managed to change these preferences for men and women.

Women still prefer to shop extensively and are known to enjoy the process, while Men are known to dislike the process of shopping. One of the reasons for this can be attributed to their willingness to go for similar clothing styles if they obtain the right fit. Women are also known to buy items and return them a willingly endless number of times to obtain the product of their desire, while men often will never undergo the pain of this endless exchange process.

Functionality and the right fit

This is another area where Men and Women have different choices and fondness about clothing. Men always lookout for the right fit and comfort first rather than a trend and style in clothing. Women, on the other hand, give equal preference to trend, style, right fit, and comfort.

They are even known to sometime compromise on either comfort or the right fit to give importance to the aesthetic appeal of the dress that they are wearing. This is one of the major reasons for the existence of multiple trends in Women’s clothing as compared to Men’s clothing.

Brand loyalty

There are numerous brands in the market known for promoting and offering different clothing styles, types, sizes, and trends. They are usually inspired by various celebrities and fashion icon trends. While Men give less importance to the ongoing trends in the market and more preference to the right size and comfort level in clothing, they are usually loyal with one brand which fulfils their requirements and prevents the hassle of going on an extensive shopping spree.

Women, on the other hand, are largely influenced by the various fashion trends going on in the market, which makes it difficult for them to stay loyal to one brand. This is because they are constantly on the lookout for new fashion trends and styles offered by different sources.

Third-party influences

When it comes to succumbing to the third-party influences, Men and Women often show different behavioural traits. These can be attributed to their preliminary clothing preferences and requirements.

Men often do not give in to these third-party influences or endorsements by either their friends, peers or colleagues as they have a preferred type and size, which is enough for them. On the other hand, there is a huge competition amongst the women to look good and endorse the best ongoing fashion trends and style influenced by various personalities and celebrities.

Colour Choices

Colour in fashion and clothing accounts for different brands and styles which happen to promote this. Men often do not prefer bold colours due to their limitations on the type of clothing; women prefer different colours depending on their liking and complexion. Colour in clothing is also greatly influenced by local and remote trends of different places and cultures; these trends are known to be better endorsed and incorporated in their clothing preferences majorly by women than men. The latest women’s clothing trend is often influenced by major changes in the colour and styles influenced and inspired by major brand endorsers and personalities.

Price evaluation

This is one of the major differences between women’s and men’s clothing preferences. While the price is not a major concern these days with a wide variety of brands and trends designed to suit different types, sizes and social groups of people, it also accounts for consciousness while shopping. While evaluation and consciousness about price are known to have been better equipped with men, women are the ones who take a lot of time in taking a decision when it comes to selecting clothes for different occasions.

Wrapping up

This is contradictory in a way because men do prefer to spend more amount of money if they want to stick to a brand that offers the right fit and comfort and do not want to explore more. Women, on the other hand, land up with a more cost-efficient clothing choice because of their tendency to extensively explore the variety offered by the fashion industry.

Apart from the areas mentioned above, the clothing preferences of Men and Women are also influenced by the way they perceive themselves and the level of confidence with their clothing choices. This can be credited to the personal evaluation quotient amongst different people. While these are generalized preferences observed in most Men and Women, it might vary for some individuals who have a knack and passion for fashion and clothing.

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