Chest Exercises to Pump up your Pecs

In the era of fast food and obesity, there are some of us that want to eat our burgers, but maintain a toned body. In a world of fitness, having upper body strength is a dream. For this, there are a number of chest exercises that we can do at the gym or even at home. Pec workouts take some serious skill and effort and not to mention weeks of training. Good chest workouts should be for about 30 minutes and should be done every 2 days, considering your body needs to recover from the previous chest workout.

Chest workouts help you get a broad, well defined and ripped chest. Chest exercises are the same for men and women; it only differs in the amount of sets. Pec exercises are incomplete without incorporating a high protein diet, helping you build mass. For this purpose, protein powders are also used in aiding muscle gain. Also, if you don’t have the time to hit the gym, you can just gather up some basic home workout equipments and perform the chest exercises at home!

Here are some of the best chest exercises that you can do to help lift that chest:

1. Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

This is one of the most common chest exercises and is recommended for beginners. You lie down flat on your back and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Over the days, you increase the weight of the dumbbell you use, getting your body used to lifting the weights. This chest workout must be done in sets, and you must increase the number of sets each week, if you don’t, your body will not activate the muscles, making your chest workout useless. This is the best chest workout for a more defined chest.

2. Pec-Deck Machine

This machine gives the best chest workout for women, as it not only builds your chest, but increases your breast size, as it activates the pectoral muscles. This machine not only helps with chest exercises, as it’s two in one, giving a good chest workout and helping you tone your arms, especially your biceps. Best for losing that flabby arm fat!

3. Incline Bench Cable Fly

This machine is for one purpose and that is for chest workouts. It targets only the pectoral muscle, helping you activate it when you pull in the cable towards yourself. The cables allow for continuous tension throughout the chest exercise. Just be sure to not go over with this pec exercise, as your body needs time to recover, otherwise you can risk an injury.

4. Regular push-ups

This may seem useless, but it is a full body-weight exercise and is one of the best chest exercises you can perform at home. They help you improve your posture and improve your cardiovascular system as well. It’s full body exercise which you should for sure include in your daily workout.

5. Dips For Chest

This is one of the most intense chest workouts, as you have to gather all the strength you have to lift yourself up. The best part is that it’s not only used as a chest exercise, but it also works your triceps. Dips are a compound exercise, and they work many muscles at the same time, hence helping you take your chest workout to another level.

Chest Exercises for Every Part of the Chest Muscle

Try out the chest exercises mentioned above on a routine basis, and I can assure you that you’ll have your desired pecs in about no time. Just remember that nothing happens magically, it’ll be a slow and steady journey, but ultimately, it will happen! Guys here are some recommended fitness trainers you have to follow on Instagram.

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