Casio F-91w Digital Watch Review

An essential accessory nowadays is a watch. It’s something you can wear to every occasion – to work, a party or even on a casual date. However, having a watch that caters to more than just time checks is what everyone desires in this century.

With new watches releasing all around the globe every other day, the Casio F-91W is here to stay.

Casio F-91W isn’t a new watch that the kids are into, it’s a classic. It’s basically a Cadillac in the watch world. It was originally released about 3 decades ago in 1991. And is still in demand, as Casio produces 3 million copies of it each year.

Are you now curious on if you should purchase this watch? Well look no further, that’s where this Casio F-91W review plays its part.

Main Features

  • This watch is lightweight – weighing around 20g.
  • It has a plastic case.
  • The exterior of the watch has a stainless steel display.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • The case measures 37.5 by 33.5 by 8.5 millimeters
  • Its strap is made of resin.
  • Adjustable strap – ranges from 18 millimeters at the fitting and extends till 22mm.
  • Green LED bulb that illuminates the screen.
  • The home screen shows sufficient data – the time, day, month, and any alarms that are set.
  • Time can be set in the 12 hours or 24-hour format – whichever way you like it.
  • The time shows the accurate hour, minute, and second.
  • Accuracy of time is given or take, 30 seconds per month.
  • Alarms can be set.


  • Can be used as a stopwatch due to accurate timing.
  • Automatic calendar.
  • The alarm is loud. You’re unlikely to sleep through it.
  • Good quality for its price.


  • The calendar doesn’t understand leap years.
  • Beeps every hour for 20 seconds (unless you turn off the option).
  • Not too stylish to wear.

The watch is considered to be one of the first ‘smartwatches,’ and despite not being able to count your daily footsteps or trace your heartbeat, it still finds its way to be in the category of a smartwatch.

This watch is a trendy choice for runners and athletes or anyone who’s looking to be very accurate about timing something. The stopwatch mode records the accurate minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second.

On the Casio F-91W, you can switch between 4 screens – home time screen, the set alarm screen, the stopwatch, and the set time screen. You can navigate between these screens using the three buttons on the sides of the screen.

  • Top left moves the selection around.
  • Bottom left: the mode button. It allows you to switch between screens.
  • Bottom right: you can use to cycle between the options on each screen.

It may not be the most fashionable watch out there, but it is a minimal one. The design of the screen and strap are simple – nothing too fancy. I am making it a good option for kids and teenagers to wear to school.

Casio F-91W understands the need for customization, and so they’ve introduced a couple of different colors that this watch is available in. You can choose between a baby pink, light blue, grey, white, or black case. The strap is usually just black or grey.


Q. Is it durable or not?

Do you know how the Nokia phone is still is famous for falling off the 5th floor and not shattering into a million pieces? Well, I’d say the durability of this watch matches the Nokia.

It’s long-lasting and won’t be damaged if you drop it accidentally. It’s shatter-resistant! Although it isn’t scratch-resistant – so don’t take it as an open pass for you all to experiment with the watch!

Q. Can I swim with my Casio F-91W?

The answer is yes! The Casio F-91W is water-resistant. It has 50m/165ft splash water resistance. So you’re good to go if you accidentally (or purposely) wear it into the pool!

Q. How do I stop my watch from beeping every hour?

Although it’s the sound of delightful chimes, it does get annoying.

You can turn it off by pressing the ‘C’ button, located on the watch’s bottom left corner.

When disabled, the hourly time signal icon (a bell) will no longer be visible on the screen.

Q. How do you turn off an alarm on the Casio F-91W?

Press the bottom left button, then cycle through the beep options with the button on the right side. Press the bottom left button again to select and turn off the desired alarm.

Q. Is it an affordable watch?

In this time when smartwatches cost a fortune, the Casio F-91W costs roughly around $20. So, in my opinion, it’s a pretty decent buy and isn’t expensive at all. And does it get the job done? YES.

Q. How long is the battery life?

The battery life is said to be around 7 years. $20 for a watch I can wear for about 7 years? Pretty good deal! Where do I sign up?

Fun fact: users say it lives up to 10 years sometimes.

Final verdict? If you’re young and are in dire need of a handy, inexpensive, daily-wear watch that lasts you a looooong time, then this watch was a match made in heaven for you.

I hope this review does justice to this timeless bargain.

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