Casio F-91w Digital Watch Review

Casio F-91w Digital Watch Review

If I say Casio digital watches are good and reliable, then I think am wasting your precious time because this is the very understood thing. Although Thefashionupdates is the best and honest fashion review website, So today we have reviewed Casio f-91w watch, Casio f91w is very simple and reliable digital watch, read an in-depth review of Casio f-91w below.

History Of Casio f91w According To Wikipedia

According To Casio f-91w Wikipedia,

The Casio F-91W is a quartz digital watch model, manufactured by the Japanese company Casio. It is a part of the Casio F-series watches. The original F-91W was introduced in 1991 and is still in production and demand. It is popular for its simplicity, reliability, and unpretentious, clean design. Its design has not changed since it was first brought out 27 years ago. The watch is available in several variants. Casio does not release sales figures for the model, but admits it continues to sell “well”.

Casio f-91w Design And Display

Casio f-91w has a very simple design. They are not stylish or not even modern, but that means these Casio’s aren’t good. Great, even. It is one of the best watches for fathers. It has a simple square dial with a blue strip on it, Quartz movement with digital display. Casio f-91w has ribbed resin band with buckle closure. The LED screen of Casio f-91w  is always simple to read so long as there’s light. In the dark, it’s a pain to notice, notwithstanding its backlight, though it’s not impracticable. The backlight will enable you to tell the time.

Casio f-91w Highlighted Features And Functions

Its simplicity and reliability are the most highlighted features of Casio f-91w. Its waterproof feature is cherry on the top. Casio f-91w featuring alarm, chronograph functions, and night light. Its functions include 1/100-second digital stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and day/date. The accuracy of +/- 30 seconds per month. And yes Casio f-91w remembering you the value of the time.


Casio f-91w is very cheap and affordable watch even students can afford Casio f91w. It is $9.00. So you can buy the best selling watch on Amazon for just 9 US dollars. About 3500 customers reviewed Casio f91w now it’s your turn buy Casio f91w watch and add your review. If you want more choices in watches, Check out our below mention watch guides.

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