The Internet Reacts to Beyoncé’s Alleged Nail Polish Change at Coachella



Finally, history made as the first black woman Beyoncé’s make the stage sensational by her stunning performance, crowded with guests by her hubby Jay Z including former bandmates Kelly Rowland and a guy from Destiny Clin that is Michelle Williams and her sister Solange Knowles. Amid joined the stage for her new renditions of both familiar hits and traditional anthems along with 100 backup dancers and musicians the marching band itself was significant enough to play a college football halftime show the triple threat left no detail unturned during the two-hour-long concert. It was an excellent festival which star in 1999 and it is now being performed by“Beychella.”
Even the icon’s outfit changes sent shockwaves over the Internet—and not only because of her custom-made, shimmering Balmain bodysuits. There was thought right down to her fingertips, with the question lingering: Did Beyoncé or didn’t Beyoncé get the fastest manicure in between sets?

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It is not easy to make festival incredible with your performance, but hard work of Beyoncé’s make this possible. Her hard work attracts the audience toward her heart-pumping dance moves and unwavering voice, down to the color of her sculpted fingertips.For those who hang on her every movement 114 million fans and counting, to be exact, it seemed she felt a manicure mid-show: from black and lacquered, an excellent tribute to her powerfully futuristic sets, to a young metallic nude in a matter of minutes. It was a celebration that put her fans in a frenzy, giving them to the internet to declare: “We don’t deserve her!” The superstar quickly shifted the center of a trending internet meme (not to mention countless rave reviews) as loving Beyhive loyals throughout thought over the little science behind the beauty switch-up. And while one site says the so-called polish revolution took place during a sack rehearsal the day earlier, You can checkout our best nail polish brands, there are the different ideas behind the incredible event.

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