10 Best Liquid Eyeliners Which You Can Buy In 2019

Best Liquid Eyeliners

In the market of ever-growing makeup, eyeliner is one of the products that has been a constant throughout the years. It is like that favorite shirt of yours that you just CAN’T LET GO OF. Be it a Smokey eye look for a late evening, a dramatic wing to please the audience or just an everyday college look, our makeup bag needs to have an eyeliner at all times.

Recently, there are many types of eyeliners introduced in the burgeoning market, such as marker eyeliners, gel pots, liquid eyeliners, etc., to give us a perfect look we desire. However, if you’re a huge fan of eyeliners yet are struggling to look for the go-to eyeliner in store for you, this post is dedicated to you.

We have made your lives easier by sampling down an impossible list to the best 10 liquid eyeliners you need to add to your routine right now, and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

1. Docolor Pen Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner


About Product

This drugstore product is probably a pretty underrated one, compared to its reasonable price and amazing quality. It gives you a chic, smudge-free look for up to 12 hours, and lets you be in control of your style for the whole day.

Its super consistent flow, helps one draw smooth and even lines without any disruption. The sleek, felt tip of this eyeliner is also beneficial for users with sensitive eyes.

One of the reviews said

“Probably the best eyeliner I’ve used for low price!
It glides right on and STAYS THERE ALL DAY!”

  • Long lasting, for up to 12 hours.
  • Continuous, smooth flow.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Smudge and water proof.
  • Reasonable.
  • The texture is sticky and cakelike, heavy on the eye.
  • Doesn’t work on oily skin.
  • There are complaints about it not being water proof.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics Precision Liquid Eyeliner


About Product

Elf is one brand One can always rely on for its super satisfying quality, totally worthy of its price. Their cosmetics offers a line of vegan and absolutely cruelty-free makeup.

This precision, rich-pigmented liquid eyeliner is best for those who are looking to draw precise lines and play with diverse looks for their eyes. The smudge-proof formula, along with the ultra-thin tapered brush gives you a promising look for a good long period of time.

One can opt for a modest, day-time look by keeping the lines ultra-sleek or can unleash their retro vibe with a thick-winged look. This eyeliner is ideal for any and every style.

  • Cruelty-free.
  • Rich in color.
  • Easy to apply due to brush size being medium.
  • Chic packaging.
  • Non-water resistant.
  • Gooey texture.
  • Chips off a lot.

3. L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner


About Product

L’Oréal, because you really are worth it.

This L’Oréal Paris Superliner is an effective, versatile product. It provides the ease of a pencil eyeliner in a liquid formula. One can create flawlessly neat lines, without the fear of it feathering or smudging. In one stroke, it can give you a sophisticated look that lasts upto 12 hours.

This product has a variety of 3 completely irresistible shades i.e., blue, grey and black. It has an extremely silky texture, suitable for subtle looks.

One of the users claimed:

“I love using this one for wings and perfect thin lines! It’s one of my favorites!”

  • Comes in 3 colors.
  • Smooth application.
  • Fine felt tip helps to apply very thin lines.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes off effortlessly with water.
  • Not as long lasting as claimed, i.e., 12 hours.
  • Smudges easily.
  • Non-water resistant.

4. Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, Black Out


About Product

Revlon Color Stay Skinny Liquid Liner helps you draw a thin, refined line on your eyes which is rich in color, in just one stroke.

This eyeliner has the skinniest of brushes, an ultra-fine 0.1mm tip, along with a promising, long-lasting liquid formula, making it easy to draw thin lines that don’t smear, fade or transfer.

This product is even ophthalmologist-tested, making it safe for users with sensitive eyes.

  • A very handy product.
  • Rich in color.
  • Matte texture.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Long lasting.
  • Less amount of quantity.
  • Costly

5. NYX Professional Makeup Collection Noir Liquid Liner


About Product

Finally a collection of 8 noir liners to create any dramatic look.

This NYX collection of eye-liners includes extremely black and bold colored liners, ranging from matte to glossy finishes. It helps create intense, sultry looks, defined cat-eyes, and subtle smoky eyes. This rich, dark collection has liners for each look.

NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner, this product is for those who are looking for refined looks. Its special brush technique can be used to create skinny and natural chic looks as well as daring looks with dramatic flicks.

One of the review states:

“This is a great eyeliner for the price. It comes with an actual bristle brush that allows for greater precision than a felt tip.”

  • Reasonably priced, as compared to the quality.
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • The precise brush helps draw sleek lines.
  • Smooth, glossy finish.
  • Flakey.
  • Hard to use for those who don’t master the art of precision.

6. Amoore Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof Eye Liner Black


About Product

This Waterproof Eyeliner can be applied smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling. It is the perfect product to create sharp, bold flicks and wings around your eye as it creates flawlessly neat lines. It is easy to use and has the ability to blend in with different make-up styles

The brush on this liner is sharp as well as sleek, leaving your eye looking fresh, nice, and grander.

  • Thin, fine tip brush makes it easy to draw sleek and thin lines.
  • The brush is soft and easy to control.
  • Reasonable.
  • Complaints of it not being waterproof.
  • Poor packaging leaks a lot.

7. Celavi Waterproof Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner


About Product

An intensely pigmented, bold colored liner. Its stays smudge free and water resistant for hours, making it the perfect product for everyday use.

It has a glossy finish to it and is easy to use and apply. It leaves the eye looking fresh and neat. This product is apt for all skin types.

One of the reviews states:

“Exactly as advertised. Goes on smooth, is a vibrant black, & is indeed waterproof! Will be buying again!”

  • Great color.
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • Suitable for all skin types (Dry or oily).
  • No smudge.
  • Absolutely water resistant.
  • Hard to get it off.
  • Users claimed that the tube has less liquid than 8oz.

8. Maybelline Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner


About Product

Maybelline products have never left to surprise us with their flawless quality and enriched colors.

This gel liner uses a special oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base, and intensifies your eye makeup for a lasting impression. It creates a smudge proof, intense look that lasts for a very long time. Its creamy gel formula was specially designed to last up to 24 hours

This product is Ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and allergy tested.

  • High-quality soft brush, with soft bristles, included.
  • The velvety texture of the gel eyeliner ensures lets it apply smoothly.
  • Dries super-fast.
  • Does not smudge or spread throughout the day.
  • Best for creating a thick, Smokey eye look.
  • Not suitable to draw sharp wings or lines.
  • Too costly.
  • Lacks the matte finish.

9. Almay Liquid Eyeliner


About Product

Almay’s exclusive “inkwell” design provides with fresh and audacious colors every time. Its special Flex-tip applicator provides mistake-proof control over your eyes, giving you a picture-perfect look. This eyeliner helps on get gorgeous definition with this easy-to-use liquid eyeliner.

Its water-resistant formula lasts for up to 16 hours without irritation. This product is Dermatologist tested and is Hypoallergenic making it safe for sensitive eyes as well.

  • Highly Pigmented eyeliner.
  • Long lasting wearing.
  • Does not flake or smear.
  • Takes time to dry.
  • Not waterproof as it claims to be.

10. Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner


About Product

This liquid liner has a thick tip on it to create medium-thick lines on your eyes. Preferable for those who like to create dense lines and heavy looks.

This Easy-to-handle chubby pen delivers big and bold lines and long-lasting color. The blackest black stroke glides on smoothly and stays on for a smudge-proof finish with conditioning Algae Extract.

One of the reviews stated:

“Eyeko is such a great liner. This liquid liner is amazing! It goes on smooth and stays put all day.”

  • Easy for beginners to use.
  • Long lasting on the eye.
  • Doesn’t smudge.
  • Super fat tip, not suitable to make sleek lines or subtle/natural looks.
  • Doesn’t gives a matte either a glossy finish.

5 Tricks for Conquering Liquid Eyeliner

1. Start in the middle of the eye and make your way to the end corner. Next, trace backward, starting at the inner corner and working your way towards the center point. This helps you better understand and define the shape of your eye.

2. As a beginner, try using the end of a fork or scotch tape as a stencil to help you get that sharp cat-eye r winged look. It will help you form a perfect crease.

3. Always use eyeliner AFTER you have put on eyeshadow as the liquid works much better on a dry base.

4. Consider Q-tips as your best friends! They are super helpful for fine-tuning excessive liquid and can be used with regular concealer to clean/blend with the rest of your makeup, without creating a mess.

5. Tight line is a must. Polish your look by lightly wiggling the liner in between your lashes as close to the root as possible. Add some mascara, and you are ready to shine.

Lastly, practice, practice, and more practice! Nothing gets your hand steadier than regular practice. Try experimenting with different eyeliner styles and see what suits you best.


I hope we were able to help you get the best liquid eye-liner, the one most suitable for your eye. Whether you’re looking for a bold, smoky-eye look, or you’re going for a general eyeliner for your everyday use, this list has got you covered.

However, please do ensure whether the product you buy is suitable for your skin type. A perfect eyeliner on your eye can do wonders to your everyday makeup routine.

Happy Buying!

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