Best Hairstyles for Female Thinning Hair

Who says extensions are the only way to rescue your thinning or flat hair? Finding the right hairstyle is a better trick. You can do wonders with the best hairstyles for female thinning hair and the right hair product essentials line-up.

Many times, females with thinning hair find themselves envying those who are blessed with abundant and thick locks. But what such women don’t know is that it is not how much hair you have on your head that makes an impression; it is how you style what you have.

We have a list of some hairstyle inspirations for you that will surely make you the envy of all thick-haired girls too. So, let’s get started.

  • Layered Bob

This style takes inspiration from Chrissy Teigen and requires your stylist to create a shape point for you. In this hairstyle, your stylist defines your shape points by cutting your hair in layers and texturizing the final look. Throw in some balayage or highlights for the extra oomph and volume-giving look to your hair.

  • Asymmetrical Bob

If you choose a straight edge bob, it tends to fall flat with your thin hair and makes you look older than your actual age. Try an asymmetrical bob as an alternative. With a longer side in this cut, you will see a whole new dimension in your hair, as well as your facial features sharpening. Go for a side part parting with your asymmetrical bob, boosting more volume, and no one will guess you have thin locks.

  • Waves with Long Layers

If you have fine hair, you must take inspiration from Hilary Duff. You will take great comfort in the fact that scanty hair does not mean compromising on style. She flaunts wonderful layers and length that make fine hair a compulsion for this stylish look.

Since your hair is lighter, this hairstyle aims to create more movement and volume with the soft and long layers. The waves in the look add more texture and fullness to thinning hair.

  • Loose Slicked Back

If your hair is short and thin, you must feel so frustrated each time they refuse to cooperate and fall flat when styling. A great solution to this dilemma would be to slick it back, using a hair product loosely. Turn this into the perfect hairstyle for your hair back and securing it with bob pins if the length is sufficient enough.

If you have slightly longer hair, though, you can secure it with a hair tie by pulling it back and slightly roughing it up in the front. Finish off by misting the look with hairspray.

  • Deep Side Parting

You can create a dramatic oomph with your thin hair by imitating Olivia Munn. She makes a deep side part creating fullness and height. The best part with this look is that you can switch sides as soon as you feel your hair falling limp on the side. You will instantly revive the volume and feeling of fullness in the hair.

  • Wavy Lob

The wavy lob is another version of the long bob and especially popular among women with thin hair. You can regard it as an obsession for most females of late because of the ease and grace with which this style comes together.

The wavy lob is just short enough to keep from falling flat, and the texture of waviness creates the perfect illusions of thickness and volume. Even women with thicker hair have been opting for this look because of how gorgeous it looks.

For even more dimension with this one, you can ask your hairstylist to blow dry your hair in sections. Absolutely brilliant, we tell you!

  • Blunt, Long Bangs

Jessica Biel shows us how thin hair can work to your advantage with blunt, long bangs. You must consider this hairstyle because it has so much drama and hotness that you will turn eyes everywhere you go.

For this look, you must ask your stylist to begin your bangs from the crown of your head. This will allow the bangs to use more hair and therefore flaunt a thicker and voluminous look. This hairstyle with the fringe, draws attention to your face and away from your thinning ends.

If you have oily hair, you must not allow it to turn greasy because this look will just fall flat then. If you have to wash your bangs daily to keep the oil away, then do so or use a dry shampoo.

  • Pixie Cut

You may be surprised to hear this, but the best hairstyles for thinning hair is to keep very little hair overall. This best way to do so is with a pixie cut, which typically demands ahead with less hair. The pixie cut is very low maintenance and adorably light and short. This hairstyle is tomboyish but will make all thin-haired females look like fashion gamines.

  • Braided Crown

Females with scanty hair will always notice that a braid running down their shoulder or their backs emphasizes the meagerness of hair. It serves to further draw notice to how thin the hair actually is. An elegant alternative for this is to braid your crown.

You can sport this hairstyle to attain elegance. Draw your hair up and braid it to use as a headband. This will immediately create the illusion that you have far more hair than you actually do. This will also keep others from noticing the remaining little hair in the back.

  • Messy High Ponytail

For the most voluminous look with your thin hair, you must try pulling it in a high ponytail and messing up the collected bunch in the hair tie. With the height and messiness, you will add tons of volume that would not be present if your hair lies draped down your face.

You can pin the sides of your hair in place, which will further help to prop up the front of your hair for added height.

Final Thoughts

Thin hair does not mean you need to compromise on style and looks. With the discussed hairstyles, you can flaunt volume and depth in a variety of ways, without letting anyone notice your scanty looks. With the right hair products and some clever tricks up your sleeves, you can style your thin hair in several ways and draw bucket loads of attention.

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