What Are the Best Fashion Apps?



The average person spends about $161 on clothes every month, and just because we’re all stuck inside during the pandemic means more time to spend shopping. This will lead to questioning the best fashion apps that you can use to read fashion news and find new styles just for you are.

These apps are going to take your style to the next level, but you’ll also be able to keep up with the most up to date styles worn by the stars. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in all things, fashion continues reading and download these apps today.

The Real Real

If you’ve been looking to get a taste of some high fashion, The Real Real is an app you should download. You can find some of the best luxury items by brands, including Chanel and Gucci, at a reasonable price.

You get to be fashionable without breaking the bank to do so. There’s no need to worry about whether the items your buying are real or not because each fashion item has to pass through a verification process, or it won’t be listed for sale on the site.


StitchFix is one of the most popular fashion apps out there when it comes to creating a personalized shopping experience for all customers. The way it works is you’ll fill out your account profile and things that you want more of in your closet, and that’s it.

After you’ve entered your profile information, you’ll be matched with a stylist who will pick out some clothing items and ship them to you. Once you’ve received the box, you’ll go through it and decide which is you want to keep and which items to send back.

When they receive the items that you didn’t want to keep, you’ll only be charged for items that weren’t returned. And the best part is you can cancel your subscription at any time.


There are times when you’ll see a style online and want to buy it. But, then you get the clothes and find that the style doesn’t fit you at all. This is when an app like Stylebook comes into play.

You can use the app to try on a variety of styles before you make your final purchases. Before you start trying on and planning outfits, you’ll need to take some quality photos of your clothes and then get to styling.

Not only do you have access to styling tools that allow you to try on outfits ahead of a big event, but you will also have access to experts that can answer all of your styling questions—talking about having shopping advice available 24/7.


Are you looking to make some extra cash by selling the clothing that you no longer wear? Depop is the app for this; all you’ve got to do is create your profile. After you’ve completed the account setup, the next thing you’ll want to do is take pictures of the clothes that you want to sell.

The site recommends that you try to get some pictures of yourself in the clothing so that potential buyers will know how it fits before buying it. Then you’ll list your clothing items and their prices and wait for buyers.

If you’re not as patient, then you can always share a link to your profile with family and friends and ask them to share the link with others looking for gently used or never worn clothing items at reasonable prices.

Object Limited

Do you find that you’ve got a taste for anything that has to do with the vintage era, including the clothes you wear? If so, you’re going to want to download object limited and scroll through the various vintage clothing items sold on the app.

The last thing you want to happen is finding an item that you want to buy and then having your wifi connection go out. Before shopping on any of these apps, you’ll want to use a wifi network analyzer.

This will ensure that you’re using a strong wifi connection; it will also make sure that the connection your using is protected, and you won’t have issues with your data being breached as you make payments to the site.

Like To Know It

There are many times when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and see styles that you’d love to know where they came from. Unless the person has ragged the brand, it can be challenging to locate the clothing brand without having to ask the person where the clothes came from.

With an app Like To Know It, you can like a picture that has clothing that you want to know about. And then after you’ve liked the picture, the app will send you a ready to shop link.

You can then use the link to begin shopping and have access to more styles than just the one shown in the picture that you liked.

What Are the Best Fashion Apps?

When you’re thinking about the question of what are the best fashion apps, all of the apps above are the best for bringing you the latest in fashion news and styling. We’re sure that when you use any of these apps, you’re going to find everything that you’ve been looking for.

We created this article for readers like you that needed useful information. If you’re looking for more tips and advice regarding fashion and beauty, scroll through the other posts that we offer.

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