8 Best Athletic Socks For Men 2020

Now when you talk about socks, you think they’re all the same and only differ in terms of size, like long socks, ankle socks, and even the no-show socks that hide in your sneakers. But what many don’t know is that there are athletic socks as well, specifically used by athletes during training and matches. These socks have strategically cushioned zones for the left and right foot, which provides support and comfort. Each side is specified differently, meaning you have to wear the right sock on your right foot, you can’t wear whichever one you want to.

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Many don’t believe that socks can improve your performance during a match, but they have extra padding around the ankle, there is cushioning where players may cut and slide their foot, and the ribbing across the mid-foot helps cover a larger range of motion. They’re practically like a specialized sock for athletes, so if you still don’t have one, don’t stress, here’s a list of the 8 best athletic socks for men:

1. Men’s Ankle Athletic Socks Running Sports Comfort Cushioned Tab Socks

The best athletic socks are high quality, made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, meaning that they are very comfortable, not to mention, breezy, allowing your feet to breathe throughout your day. These sports socks help reduce foot pain during sports or daily activity, as they’re cushioned throughout the sole, protecting your tendons from injury.

2. High-Performance Cushion Socks for Men

These sports socks are 68% Nylon, 20% Coolmax, 2% Rubber and 10% LYCRA. These are one of the best men’s athletic socks out there, as they’re cushioned in such a way that they increase blood supply in your feet and apply pressure on your veins, preventing any blood clots from forming. This provides ultimate comfort while wearing them and even after taking them off. They protect your heels and toes from injury due to shoe friction. They have a cooling and moisture absorbing system, keeping your feet dry and sweat free!

3. Men’s Crew Athletic Socks Cushion Comfort for Running Casual Sport

A very basic kind of athletic socks, targeting mainly your toes. They prevent your feet from getting wet. It will retain its elasticity and softness even after being washed several times. They’re great for any physical activity, like walking, running and hiking. The coolest part is that they keep your feet warm during the winter and cool during the summers!

4. Athletic Ankle Socks Compression Socks for Sports and Casual Use

The best athletic socks for men are made of Coolmax fibers, so they have the technology to absorb the sweat from your feet and provide a cooling system within the sock. They’re made of a breathable fabric, having holes, allowing air inside, and a cushioned sole making your day to day run soothing for your feet. These sports socks are very durable, making it an excellent investment for those who need these!

5. Thick Protective Sport Cushion Basketball Compression Athletic Crew Socks

These athletic socks are extremely thick and are cushioned more at the ankle, Achilles, and heel to protect your feet from any bruises, scratches and any possible injuries, as these are the parts which are used most during activity. The cushioning is for optimal shock absorption and protection, to prevent any future pains. These can be used every day as they’re long-lasting, and are to be machine washed. The elastic ensures a perfect fit, so they don’t slide down while running and can add more support too.

6. Athletic Cushion Performance Running Crew Socks

These athletic socks have a moisture transport system which wicks sweat away from your feet, keeping them dry and preventing any blisters and rashes. The best part is that it is cushioned in the regions which are high impact, helping reduce foot pain. It’s in colour black so that you can pair it with any outfit, formal or casual. Reinforcement in the heel and toe to provide durability in high-stress areas, so they last for a longer time.

7. Men’s Basketball Dri-Fit Athletic Crew Sock

The best men’s athletic socks are 75% cotton. The compression starts midfoot for plantar fascia and arch support, added on by light padding at the heels and toes. The dri-fit fabric is the best at absorbing the excessive sweat and moisture, keeping your feet and socks dry and smell free. These athletic socks aren’t just for athletes who play sports, but for people who walk a lot too, as it helps prevent your feet from swelling up after a long day, and also reduces foot pains. The best part is that it’s lightweight, making it comfortable!

8. Copper Athletic Compression Ankle Socks For Men

These are the perfect pairs of socks for men who are tired of having smelly socks and getting rashes, as it has an anti-bacterial property which absorbs and removes the odor. They are more comfortable than knee-high socks and add compression just the same way. They are made of a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, drying off your feet, even on the hottest of days. These socks are for all age groups, and for all fitness levels, be it if you just take a walk in the park or are an A-class basketball player, it suits all! These socks are for the relieving muscle soreness, pain, and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you are sick of your smelly and sweaty socks, your feet after a workout, and just can’t deal with the foot aches and blisters anymore, then it’s high time to go and order a pair of athletic socks for yourself because they are a complete lifesaver! And when you get used to them, there’s no going back!

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