Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits

In ancient times, people really understood the benefits that came from plants. The best sweets weren’t candy pieces. They were fruits. The Japanese culture developed special rituals to appreciate the salvation that came from tea.

People didn’t know about all of the benefits that came from fruit and vegetables, they ate what they could grow, and their lives were filled with physical labor. It’s a bit romantic to view them as happy, but with all of the problems we have today, and all the hate that’s spreading on a daily basis, it’s good to look back and think of a time where things were simpler. Click here to read more.

One of the best and most nutritious fruits on the globe is the citrus family. Oranges, lemons, and tangerines all have a high amount of vitamin C, but they also contain bergamot. The name comes from the city Bergamo in Italy, and the fruit itself comes from Asia. Click here to read more.

How to use it?

Before you do anything, you should know that essential oils are relatively healthy and potent. You should never apply an extract directly to your skin. Instead, you need to mix them with another substance, preferably another natural oil made from either coconuts or minerals.

You should never drink them, but you can use them as aromatherapy. Mix them with water vapor, and they’ll fill up the room with a beautiful scent. It’s mainly present in different perfumes and cosmetic products, as well as a flavoring for drinks and some foods.


Some shampoos contain a lot of chemicals that are actually damaging your scalp. That’s why many individuals tried putting a few drops of bergamot in their shampoo bottles and the results were incredible. First of all, if you suffer from untamable curls, you’re going to love this oil.

It can tame even the most twisted knots of hair that someone can have. Plus, it leaves a particularly memorable scent that makes your hair smell unique and feel soft to the touch. If you want to make the mixture a bit stronger, you can put two or three drops with a carrier oil of your choice and rub it onto your scalp.

If you want to experiment some more, you can also add chamomile, lavender, and tea tree extracts. However, it would be best if you were careful with the dosages. For each one you add, you need to increase the amount of carrier oil. View this link for more info

Fighting acne

A lot of people suffer from acne. Usually, this problem goes away on its own, but the teenage years are a bit complex to go through. High school is a time when everyone is trying to get noticed and receive some attention. Acne destroys your self-confidence and can be the cause of depression and anxiety.

Luckily, bergamot is here to help. You can make a mixture of this oil with a carrier like a coconut or tea tree, and put it on blackheads, cysts, or pimples. Then, leave the solution to stay on your face for the entire night, and do it every day until the problem is gone.

Don’t do this treatment during the day because sunshine can react negatively to it. Not only that, but your skin needs to breathe, and getting some more vitamin D in that area will help out the entire process.

Are there any side effects?

If you don’t mix it with a carrier, there will surely be side effects. However, some people may experience a burning sensation, pain, or redness during usage. Before you try putting it on your scalp or face, read more benefits and then try out a bergamot solution mixed with a carrier. For starters, rub it on a small area on your forearm.

Leave it during the night and wash it off in the morning. Then, the following evening check the area to see whether there’s any redness, pain, or blisters. If nothing happens, then you can start using it on other body parts.

If you’re taking any medications, make sure you check with a doctor or a pharmacist before you try rubbing the oil on your skin. It might cause an unexpected reaction. Additionally, don’t use it on any children or if you’re pregnant.

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