5 Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Women



None is better than to be fit and toned and for sexy and toned body your hard work and workout play a vital role. Your workout routine is incomplete without strength training. Most of the women think that extreme weightlifting will make them muscular like a man. No! In fact, an extreme point of everything is harmful. According to doctors, Women do not produce as much testosterone, a hormone that drives muscle growth, as men. True is that strength training will help tone your body and make you look and feel younger than your actual age. According to research adult, the woman feels more energetic and great then the lift weight. There are many other benefits of weightlifting in which five are mentioned below.

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5 Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Women

  • Burns More Fat And Calories
  • Reduces The Risk Of Injuries
  • Tones The Body
  • Corrects Bad Posture
  • Enhances Sports Fitness

1. Burns More Fat And Calories

Burns More Fat And Calories

If you were already doing the workout than add strength training or lifting weights in your daily workout routine. Yes, it’s true that only cardio with diet will reduce the weight. But training with weights reduces more calories in a short period as compared to cardio. Besides, when you strength train, your body rests in the fat burning mode long later, you have left the gym. This is distinguished as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect. This doesn’t happen when you do low-intensity cardio.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Injuries

Reduces The Risk Of Injuries

Weight lifting can also help prevent the risk of injuries. Because bones, muscles, and tendons are already strengthened during strength training. And in fact, the production of collagen increases when you lift weights. And in result your muscles and bones become strong.

3. Tones The Body

 Tones The Body

Weightlifting toned your and no matter no matter what your body shape is, you will look fabulous and fit. According to American scientists mixed workout, which includes cardio and strength training will burn more fat and build lean muscle mass. And this practice is followed by many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez. That’s why she has the right amount of fat and muscle according to her body type, age, and shape.

4. Corrects Bad Posture

Corrects Bad Posture

If you have bad posture, you will feel guilty you can wear your favorite bikini and swimsuit on a beach or swimming pool. Don’t be sad you can improve your posture by lifting weights. Weight lifting will also help you to build bone and muscle strength.

5. Enhances Sports Fitness

Enhances Sports Fitness

If you are a sports geek than fitness is must for you and sports eligibility depends on muscle and bone strength, endurance capacity and quick reflex. If you are deciding to become fit in a particular game, you must do strength training along with cardio to improve your performance. Weight lifting will help you in increasing your stamina muscle power and reflexes.

Final Thoughts

So women’s hope you all agree that weight lifting and strength training is essential in our daily workout routine. So be fit and smart. For more health and fashion related articles stay connected with TheFashionUpdates.

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