What Is APAP Login? Reversible Sleep Apnea Therapy Device



Automatic Positive Airway Pressure or APAP is a device that adjusts on its own particularly on breath-by-breath basis. It is an incredible device for occasions when your breathing ability fluctuates due to some allergies or during a flu season.

When an individual is diagnosed with some sort of sleep apnea, it indicates that their breathing ability is getting shallow or may stop and restart while they’re asleep. Usually, the first treatment that a doctor may recommend is to opt for a device that provides positive air pressure.

These automated machines pump air into the lungs and keep our throats from closing while we are sleeping. APAP is one the most preferred automatic machine also known as auto-titrating.

With the help of a software, APAP sets the amount of air required to match our need during the night. For example, sleeping on our back can restrict out breathing frequently as it has an ability to relax our jaw and tongue which results in blocking the airflow. When such thing happens, the APAP increases the air pressure. Doctors normally prescribe the lower and upper limits of air pressure depending on the need for each individual.

The APAP login

This software is known as the APAP login, which is reversible sleep apnea therapy device responsible for detecting the senses airway and distributing pressure when required. It is mainly a modern technology easing the treatment for many individuals around the world.

In the APAP login, apnea is basically a stop or pause in breathing that is suppose to last for at least 10 seconds in a row.

APAP therapy device is a best option if you experience any of the following like:

  • Alcohol consumption near your bed time
  • Are a heavy sleeper
  • Allergic to certain weather or food
  • Experience a stuffy nose
  • Experience loss or gain in weight frequently
  • Experience uncomfortable fixed air pressure via CPAP
  • Often toss and turn while sleeping

The studies show, that APAP users experience better quality sleep and life as compared to CPAP.

Now the question arises, how to use this particular device?

APAP device comes with a mask that you are required to wear over the mouth. It is connected with a tiny device that pushes the air into the throat gently. Moreover, incase your sleep apnea gets worse, you should use the APAP device immediately after consulting your doctor.

Once you are done with the training, make sure you are well aware of the device usage. Your go-to checklist must include the following:

  • Ensure the mask fits properly prior to starting the device
  • In case it doesn’t fits or leaks sir, inform your doctor
  • Give some time to yourself to be used to the machine and different air pressure
  • Consult your track about tracking the symptoms to check if APAP is helping or not

These advance machines do have some drawbacks, like the involve complex algorithms that adjust the pressure amount required to prevent the upper airway from collapsing. These devices are costly and the insurance plans normally don’t cover these expenses.

Lastly, a reversible air pressure gadget like APAP login adjusts with individual’s breathing pattern and hence is no doubt an effective and convenient option. The reversible nature allows it to adapt to varying sleeping positions, which makes it a useful option for anyone who experiences sleep apnea.

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