Americano VS Coffee; Which One Is Good For Health And Why



Americano VS coffee has been the long going debate between many people about which one is better. Some would vote for an americano, and some people would love coffee. But what is it that makes the real difference between both?! It’s good for your health.

Today’s guide is all about the Americano VS Coffee; which one is good for your health and why!

Before we go further into the article, let’s be clear between normal coffee and Americano. Americano is made by diluting the espresso to get a beautiful coffee while normal coffee is a simple mixture of coffee and hot water. That’s it. That’s what makes all the difference.

So what really is the difference between coffee and Ameircano. Well, when you look at a cup, it can be difficult to make a clear difference between Americano vs coffee. Therefore to make it clear, by coffee, we mean the regular brewed coffee that can be found in any home, both types of coffee feature the same main ingredients

  1. hot water
  2. coffee.

This is the reason they look the same, but the taste is completely different. This is because Americano uses one or two shots of espresso whereas coffee, said earlier, is simply hot water and coffee in whatever form.

Different people have different claims regarding which one is the best. However, the answer to this simple question when it comes down to both these coffee types is one.

The best one among both the Americano and coffee is, of course, Coffee!

The reason is pretty simple; coffee is plain made of water and beans. At the same time, Americano may have other additives to it which means more deviation from the natural consumption, further causing a problem to the health.

Even though coffee contains caffeine which is overall not good for health no matter what, there are other additives in Americano, which makes it further worse for your health. Yes! You may want to avoid it because of that.

But for making both coffee and Americano, Nespresso machines are the best. They make any kind of coffee in an eye-catching and delicious manner. Moreover, you do not have to wait for long hours or do the effort of making coffee yourself with the best nespresso machine.

So why is Coffee so much better than Americano?! Keep reading the next section to find out more.

Why is Coffee Good For Health?

Well, here are a few benefits of plain coffee, which makes it so good for health.

  • It’s Simple

For starters, coffee is a plain mixture of both water and the coffee itself. It is so simple, and because it is simple, there are fewer health risks involved. This makes coffee a healthier beverage or choice than the Americano.

  • Post-workout pain:

Coffee contains a number of antioxidants that can help reduce post-workout pain known as soreness

  • As a pre-workout:

Coffee is a cheaper version of a pre-workout. Pre-workouts are usually very expensive and contain a number of chemicals which may not be good for your body. Coffee, on the other hand, is a healthy replacement for such pre-workouts.

  • Increase fibre consumption:

A cup of coffee contains 1.8 grams of fiber. The recommended amount for daily intake is 20 to 38 grams.

  • Lower risk of type 2 Diabetes:

It has been known that most people who consume 6 or more cups of coffee per day have had a lower diabetes ratio. There has been researching in Harvard that the risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered by 9% just by drinking coffee alone.

  • Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease:

There has been a lot of research in this field that coffee may play a role against Alzheimer’s disease. In recent studies, such components have been extracted from coffee to make a cure for such a disease.

  • Reduced risk of depression:

It has been borrowed from different studies that people who consume coffee on a regular basis have shown a lower percentage of depression and mental health issues. People who consume coffee on a regular basis have a 20% less likelihood to suffer from depression.

  • Stronger DNA:

There has been a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition that has shown that people who consume coffee on a regular basis have a much stronger DNA.

  • Reduces colorectal cancer risk:

Regular intake of coffee can reduce the chances of a person of getting colorectal cancer by 26%.

  • Lower risk of multiple sclerosis:

Coffee is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. It prevents neural inflammation which helps to prevent a number of diseases which includes multiple sclerosis. Yes, you can defeat multiple sclerosis with coffee.

  • Protection against Parkinson’s:

People are less likely to have Parkinson’s disease if they have a regular intake of coffee. There has been a study where it was found smokers and people that drink coffee regularly are less likely to have Parkinson’s.

Above were some ways of how much helpful coffee can be. Moreover, unlike espresso, coffee is less concentrated and made with simple ingredients, and that really cuts the deal. By drinking simple coffee, you are actually avoiding a lot of complications that come with the overdose of caffeine.

There are a lot of amazing coffee making machines available in the market these days that make amazing coffee. However, the Nespresso coffee making machines are the best, and they can help you make relatively delicious and amazing coffee. They are also quite durable and compact.

We hope this guide on Americano VS Coffee was informative and you found it useful, both the types of coffee are very delicious, however, when drinking plenty of coffee, one must take care of the health as well. If you have any questions regarding coffee types or coffee machines, feel free to ask us. Our experts would love to help.

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