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Holidays are all about making up for the busy schedules and hectic professional life. During the summer season, almost every person wishes to enjoy the cocktails by the beach shore. You might want to get the perfect tan as well that stays longer. However, exposing your body to the harmful rays might lead to innumerable dermatological conditions. From mild skin rashes to self-deteriorating melanomas, the ultraviolet radiation can cause it all. Hence, it’s better to resort to the sunless tanning options available around you. While the self-tanners fetch an instant tan, the body oils can last longer than you think.

Keep reading to know the best sun-less tanning methods that are both safe and effective in the long run.

Foods That Promote Skin Tan

Gain Skin Tan Faster With Spray Tans

If you’re skeptical about sunbathing and exposing your skin to the deteriorating radiations, then here’s a useful alternative. Tan-enhancing foodstuffs are the latest method of promoting skin tan right on your couch. All you need to do is incorporate the foodstuffs into your diet. What’s even better is that these foods are highly nutritious and promote better health as well. Fruits like tomatoes, cherries, and watermelons contain high levels of beta carotene. This chemical helps reliable tanning that, too, without any exposure to the sun’s vitamin D. Also, other vitamins like vitamin A contain extensive quantities of this chemical and thereby provide better vision.

Foodstuffs To Consider

  • Vegetables Like Carrots, Spinach, and other leafy ones contain extensive amounts of vitamin A. Due to this, the body accumulates and retains the melanin pigments faster. It’s about time that you rethink your diet chart and incorporate some fresh beta carotenes in it.
  • Fruits, namely Watermelons and Cherries, can lead to a vibrant as well as glowing skin. Other than that, the ingredients also help in retention of the tan effortlessly. If you’re not fond of the raw fruits, you can always prepare some delicious smoothies to calm your taste buds.

Fetch The High-Quality Self Tanners

Gain Skin Tan Faster With Spray Tans

Achieving the perfect tan with minimal efforts is extremely easy these days. With the right self-tanner by your side, you can get your skin all tanned and vibrant. Self-tanners rescue you from extensive exposure to the UV rays and related dermatological diseases. What’s even better is that it requires minimal preparations. With the right skin prep, you can get a long-lasting tan that appears as attractive as a suntan does. Make sure to exfoliate your skin before applying the self-tanners. This is because the product seeps inside the pores and promotes the melanin deposition. Hence, clogged pores might act as a blockage and hinder adequate melanin production.

Types Of Self-Tanners

  • Self-Tanning Moisturizers are ideal for the novice self-tanners who are still in a dilemma. With minimal dihydroxyacetone levels, it doesn’t cause any skin-allergy and gives your skin just the right amount of tan.
  • Self-Tanning Lotions offer reliable skin tan along with allowing you some time to blend the lotion in. These award winning tanning lotions are ideal for both the experienced users as well as beginners.
  • Tanning Towelettes made exclusively for the lazy people out there. All you need to do is apply the pre-soaked sheets over your skin and leave it for some time.

Instant Glow With The Tanning Oils

When it comes to skin tans, there are innumerable options available. However, the tanning oils provide a one-stop solution for every skin problem. Whether it’s prolonging the tan duration or transforming the skin into a glowing one, these oils provide extensive benefits. Apart from this, it also nourishes your skin and protects the moisture from wearing off. The tanning oils work by the principle of reflection and enable better skin tan. As the oils help in capturing the light better, these create an illusion of darker and glowing skin.

Benefits Of Tanning Oils

  • Provides The Right Nutrients like Riboflavin, Tyrosine, and Vitamin A to your skin. Not only does it improve the skin tan procedure, but it also keeps your skin healthy for a long duration. Make sure to get yourself an oil packed with heavy nutrients and moisturization benefits.
  • Enhances The Tanning Procedure by reflecting and absorbing the light better. With little exposure to light, you get to boast an attractive pigmentation. What’s even better is that you don’t need to go out for this.

Gain Skin Tan Faster With Spray Tans

Gain Skin Tan Faster With Spray Tans

Here’s another tanning alternative that requires little effort and gives maximum results. Spray tans are one of the reliable techniques to reduce sun exposure. These products contain a significant amount of dihydroxyacetone that reacts with the outermost layer of your skin. That way, it increases the pigmentation by attaching to the already existing amino acids in your skin. You might need a couple up the spray tans with other commendable tanning options. Also, don’t forget to prep yourself before the application of the spray tans.

Steps For Preparation:

  • Exfoliation is the first step in preparing your skin for the tanning spray. This process helps in removing the dead skin cells that tend to accumulate over the period. With proper removal of the dead cells, the spray settles deeper and lasts longer than usual.
  • Moisturize Using An Alcohol-Free Lotion to spread the tan evenly over your body. Dry skin prevents the spray from acting smoothly on the skin. With the right amount of moisturization, you can prolong the tan as well as make it settle down throughout the body.

Quick Tan With Shiny Bronzers

Most of the ladies use this product to highlight their cheekbones and nose tips. However, a good quality bronzer also works well in creating a faux tan ideal for the summers. All you need to do is take a brush and apply it over the areas that undergo maximum exposure to the sun. Not only does it give an illusion of glowing skin, but it also makes it appear more tanned and attractive. If you’re running out of time and need a quick tan, then this is the method to go for. You can also consider a bronzer for short-term skin tans.

Cocoa Butter For Healthy Skin Tan

Cocoa Butter For Healthy Skin Tan

You might think of cocoa butter as a dessert topping loaded with chocolatey essence. However, these body butter options are extensively used for tanning and moisturization purposes. Cocoa butter, being high in the fatty acid content, promotes better hydration as well as pigmentation. It increases the deposition of melanin by reacting with the chemical components involved in the procedure. Apart from this, it transforms your skin into a soft, bright, and healthy one. What could be better than getting the perfect tan with an eye-catchy skin glow?

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter:

  • Holds The Moisture Content of the skin by creating a thin shield of fat. Due to this, the skin remains bright and retains the tan for a prolonged period. Along with the moisture-retention, it also improves skin elasticity.
  • Rich In Phytochemicals which promote healing of the skin due to excessive exposure to the UV rays. That way, you achieve a tanned skin with the recovery of the deteriorated skin cells.
  • Prevents Unwanted Skin Marks, namely wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. You don’t want to miss out on the attractive tan that fetches anti-aging benefits as well.

Consider The Tanning Capsules

Consider The Tanning Capsules

If you’re looking out for a skin tan that is devoid of the creams, then you must consider the tanning capsules. Being rich in the beta carotene levels, these tablets enhance the tanning process. What’s even better is that you don’t require any diet modifications or extensive creams for this. All you need is a tablet rich in canthaxanthin and neoxanthin red. It increases the melanin deposition and keeps severe dermatological diseases at bay. From vitiligo to skin porphyria, these tablets work well in treating several skin ailments.

Bottom Line

As the winter season disappears, so does the need to remain indoors. If you’re looking out for a reliable skin tan, you might want to reconsider the exposure to the sun. Along with the tan, it harms your skin due to excessive UV rays. It’s about time that you search for alternatives to sunbathing for your tanning needs. You might consider the self-tanners available in a variety of forms. Or, maybe get yourself a spray that instills the tan within minutes. Other alternatives are bronzers, beta carotene-rich foods, and tanning capsules. Refer to the sunless tanning alternatives mentioned above for getting the right tan effortlessly.

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