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One of the reasons people love alternative fashion is that it’s inclusive. Whereas mainstream fashion seems targeted toward specific body types, alternative fashion opens the door to iconic looks for all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve been trying to find a look that suits your body shape, here are some alternative fashion dresses to take your style to the next level.

Hourglass Shape

People with an hourglass shape tend to have a fuller bust and hips with a proportionately smaller waist. The proportionate build and shapely figure work perfectly with pin-up and vintage-inspired alternative fashion attire.

Look for a vintage-inspired wiggle dress that hugs your frame and accentuates your shape. Stretchy fabrics are ideal for this dress to give you room to move and comfortably strut your stuff. Scoop neck wiggle dresses are ideal for those who prefer more coverage, while an off-shoulder v-neck is also ravishing.

The 1950s style swing dresses are another vintage look that works incredibly with the hourglass shape. The fitted waist and flared skirt are perfect for those who prefer a less form-fitting option that’s no less flattering. Add a belt to complete the look.

Rectangle Shape

People who have a rectangle-shaped body tend to have a waist size that’s comparable to their bust and hips, creating straight lines down. Wearing pin-up dresses can help create the illusion of curves, but having this build can also work well with other alternative fashions.

Rectangle shapes look fantastic in Lolita fashion dresses. These dresses tend to be shorter, creating length for petite rectangles and showing off the legs of taller rectangles. Lolita dresses are also versatile. You can get a sweet Lolita dress at with feminine ruffles and pastel colors. Alternatively, you can look at Goth Lolita dresses and opt for darker styles and richer colors.

People who have rectangle-shaped bodies also fit well with the Boho fashion movement. Long, flowing dresses create movement and fit comfortably on the straight lines that these fashionistas are known for. Adding a belt at waist height can create some curves.

Rectangle Shape

Pear Shape

People who have a pear shape tend to carry more weight below the waist than above. It can be challenging to find balance with this body shape as dresses that fit in the bodice are often too tight in the skirt and vice versa.

Pear shapes have a lot of luck with 1960s style vintage and pin-up clothing. At this time, circle dresses and fit-and-flare A-line dresses were all the rage. Whereas many women would wear petticoats to fill out a circle skirt, pear shapes get the form without the fuss.

Another popular alternative fashion subculture that has pear-friendly dresses is steampunk and gothabilly. Look for a dress with a cinched high waist or empire cut in a stretchy cotton blend. Dresses with a flowy top create balance, while those with a tighter top and corset-style belt delightfully showcase those lovely lower-body curves.

Apple Shape

People who have an apple shape tend to carry more weight around their midsection. The rounded figure can make it challenging to find a comfortable dress.

Rockabilly fashion culture is perfect for apple shapes. Simple A-lines and higher waists in halters and sailor dresses are known for this alternative fashion movement. With embellishments around the neckline, these dresses draw the eyes upward.

People with an apple shape also look fantastic in many Boho style dresses. The floor-length flowing fabrics look airy and light, with enough versatility to add some personal flair.

Remember that your body shape does not define you. You can wear whatever you want, as long as it feels good. Try out some of these alternative fashion styles and find a look you love.

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